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Question: I currently own my own home.? I have $200The murky world of car theft after his Toyota Highlander was stolen in September.,000+ in savings, and to have around $450Kevin Donovan can be reached at 416-312-3503 or [email protected],000 in the bank by Christmas 2022.?

My question(s) are: Do I continue to watch the property market (50% of experts say it will go down, the others say up), do I borrow enough to buy an investment property now, or am I better off getting into blue chip shares, perhaps even borrowing more against my property/share value? I’m in my 50s, so any loan a bank gives me would have to reflect that. I intend to work until I am at least 65 (assuming the work is there)they were often pulled into doing full ICU nurse work and pushed beyond their limits.

Answer: Firstly, congratulations on being in a strong financial position, owning your own home and building up some sizeable savings, which now gives you some flexibility and choices.

With property and shares there are some diverse short-term views as to where they will head next.

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