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The skin care effect is comparable to micro adjustment. Have you ever used these beauty instruments

Reprint: Xinnuo Aiken appliances

in the past two years, the storm has intensified in both medical beauty and beauty instruments. Every day, various beauty bloggers Amway have planted a lot of beauty instruments in addition to cosmetics of various brands. Although beauty instruments can not replace professional beauty treatments, they have conquered countless people with their advantages of convenient operation, small space limitations and low cost, Is beauty instrument really useful or just a gimmick

the popularity of beauty instruments depends entirely on social networking

whether abroad or at home, female consumers will spend most of their money to maintain beauty. In addition to capital investment, it also requires psychological steps to try medical beauty. The use of beauty instruments is relatively gradual, and there is no great risk. This is the psychology that many consumers will choose to buy Beauty Instruments. Moreover, with the development of Internet, many people will see a lot of beauty instruments planted on the recommendation of relevant bloggers. In this emerging market full of changes, the emergence of beauty instruments can be said to have no pressure. In addition to being popular, many stars will also recommend cosmetics, skin care products, beauty instruments, etc. on various apps. These star effects are also one of the reasons why beauty instruments are popular

at present, there are a variety of beauty instruments on the market, including facial cleanser, blackhead instrument, face slimming instrument, beauty instrument, etc. for girls who love beauty, these are not strange at all. Let's see what the use of these products is

1. Facial cleanser: in recent two years, facial cleanser is one of the most popular beauty instruments. Most cleaning instruments use sound waves to clean the skin, using high-frequency micro vibration massage or flow force to clean the skin, which can effectively remove magazines, oils, etc. in the skin

take Luna for example, it can remove facial dirt more gently and effectively. The body is small and waterproof. The medical silicone design is soft, not easy to breed bacteria, and the frequency of vibration can be adjusted at will. Compared with ordinary manual face washing, the cleaning effect of using the cleanser is better, especially for people with oily skin. The cleanser can clean pores, and the price of oil raw materials will constantly fluctuate, making the skin more hygienic and clean

2. Blackhead Remover: it is absolutely unbearable to have blackhead acne on your face, so its corrosion resistance is higher, so many people will choose to squeeze directly by hand, which is not only not clean, but also easy to cause pore enlargement and bacterial infection. Therefore, we are warned not to squeeze blackhead by hand. Blackhead Remover can be said to be a beauty instrument that many people need. To use Blackhead Remover, you only need to turn on the instrument, and then aim at the place with blackheads and scan it slowly, but the stay time should not be too long, otherwise your nose will be red

Blackhead Remover takes American Xinnuo for example. It uses vacuum bullet absorption technology to physically adsorb blackheads, shrink pores, and will not hurt the skin. While washing out blackheads, acne, grease and dirt, it can gently lift the skin, shrink pores, and cooperate with pore shrinking products to make pores shrink rapidly and not be affected by dust

3. Face slimming instrument: many people will have edema on their faces when they wake up in the morning, so they will use face slimming instrument to massage their faces in the morning until the swelling subsides. In fact, many people's large face is caused by the developed facial muscles, especially those with developed masseter muscles. The thin face instrument used adopts micro current introduction, which can lift and tighten, and can more effectively absorb skin care products, which can help quickly eliminate edema. If the masseter muscles are large, you can insist on using it

4. Beauty introducer: we all know that the outer stratum corneum of the skin has a barrier function, which can protect the invasion of foreign bodies and microorganisms. At the same time, this stratum corneum may also hinder the absorption of skin care products. In order to make all kinds of active molecules better absorbed by the skin (2) the process technology of automobile parts manufacturers is backward, modern biotechnology has invented many methods to promote absorption, and beauty introducer is one of them

beauty introducer has multiple functions, such as cleaning, promoting absorption, brightening skin color, etc. The inductors on the market are divided into targeted inductors, ultrasonic inductors and ion inductors. The introduction instrument can promote the absorption of active ingredients, and has different effects with different skin care products

5. Radio frequency instrument: radio frequency instrument is to stimulate collagen production through RF radio frequency directly to the dermis, and at the same time, it has the function of lifting, tightening and brightening the skin. In fact, this instrument is like a water light needle, where there is too much collagen, there is no need for radio frequency, in order to prevent the frequency of radio frequency from being too high and making the face blow too much. After use, it can also fade fine lines and make the skin tighter and more comfortable

everyone has a love of beauty. In addition to more and more patterns of skin care products, household beauty instruments are also popular with girls, which shows that the new generation of people pay more and more attention to skin maintenance. Now there are many kinds of beauty instruments on the market, even a beauty 4 Regularly replace the sealing ring to allow the instrument to cover a variety of functions. In fact, the function of the beauty instrument lies in precision. No matter how good the instrument is, it can't have every effect. Any maintenance needs to be adhered to for a long time, so that the skin can be in the best state. Isn't this called micro plastic surgery

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