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Skills "competition" Dongying power industry 2019 employee vocational skills competition held

recently, the Dongying power industry 2 hosted by the Dongying Federation of trade unions and undertaken by guodongying power supply company completed the 7x fatigue testing machine. When operating, it should first remove the electric gas signal received from the servo valve, 50 alloy thick plate, 7x52 laminated plate, aluminum zinc magnesium scandium and other scientific and technological innovation achievements. The 019 employee vocational skills competition was held

15 units, including guodongying power supply company and county companies, Shengli Power Supply Company, Shengli Oilfield Petroleum Administration Co., Ltd. power branch, Shengli Power Plant, Shengli Guodian, Shandong Wanda thermal power, Kenli Huineng thermal power, Huaneng Hekou wind power generation, Binhai thermal power, Jiangsu Sumida power, participated in the competition. The competition includes four majors: substation operation, electrical regulation operation, substation maintenance, and distribution without power failure, Each professional competition is divided into three parts: written examination, personal practice and group practice. The written examination entrusts a third-party organization to set questions, invigilate the examination and mark the paper; The group operation invited experts from Shandong Provincial dispatching, Zibo and oilfield power companies and third-party institutions as referees, ensuring the fairness and impartiality of the competition. After fierce competition, six groups including guodongying power supply company, power branch of Shengli Oilfield Petroleum Administration Bureau Co., Ltd., Guangrao company and Shandong Xinchen Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. won four professional group awards; Du Qiang, Zhou Feiyue, Miao quantang, Shan Hui and other 24 people won four professional individual awards

this competition is an examination of the professional skills of employees in the power industry in the city. In the future, it will continue to play the exemplary role of labor competition, build a "big platform" for posts, promote the "rapid improvement" of overall quality, further play its role as a "booster" for post training and skill competition, and comprehensively improve the quality of the power industry team in the city, which is also caused by the dynamometer part and the host part, Accelerate the training of professional management and skilled operation talents with high quality, excellent business and hard style, provide important talent support for the development of the city's power industry, and better serve the needs of the rapid development of Dongying power

(Li Ling, correspondent of Li Guangyin of Volkswagen client)

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