The hottest SKF group won the contract of domestic

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SKF group won the contract of domestic giant magnetic bearing system

SKF group won the contract of domestic giant magnetic bearing system

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SKF recently won a large contract for Shenyang Blower Group (SBW) to provide SKF S2M magnetic bearing system with skw composition, auto parts and new energy vehicles. The contactless suspension provided by magnetic bearings can improve the operation rate of turbines and significantly reduce maintenance costs. SKF S2M magnetic bearing can achieve higher rotation speed and improve the overall efficiency of the compressor

SKF maglev Mechatronics (S2M) is a global leader in the field of active magnetic bearing technology and maglev high-speed motors. S2M was acquired by SKF group in 2007. At present, S2M company has more than 1000 devices operating in the oil and natural gas industry. S2M has accumulated extremely rich experience in magnetic bearings, involving a wide range of applications, including turbine expanders, centrifugal compressors, high-speed motors, steam turbines and gas turbines

Shenyang Blower Group is a large state-owned enterprise established in 1934. Shenyang Blower Group specializes in the design and manufacture of domestic equipment, including centrifugal compressors for protective natural gas transmission of concrete pressure testing machines

swb senior engineer Ms. Wang said: "SBW chose SKF products because SKF is a leader in the field of magnetic bearing development. SKF ① on-site rock mass direct shear test: the shear area of the specimen is usually not less than 2500 square centimeters. S2M has provided our experts with the first training course in France. At present, we are satisfied with the progress of the project. We are looking forward to the magnetic bearing test planned for the second half of 2015."

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