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Skyjack appeared in apex 2019 with a variety of star products to help the healthy development of China's aerial work platform market

Skyjack appeared in apex 2019 with a variety of star products to help the healthy development of China's aerial work platform market

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at the apex 2019 exhibition, the internationally renowned aerial work platform manufacturer Skyjack brought sj63aj curved arm aerial work platform Three representative star products, Sj16 self-propelled column vertical lifting aerial work platform and SJii 3219 scissor fork aerial work platform, have attracted the attention of the audience

among them, sj63 AJ curved arm aerial work platform has a working height of 21 meters. The 360 ° rotating turntable is matched with the 170 ° rotating platform, and the upward and spanning height is more than 8 meters, which is enough to cope with many high-altitude complex working conditions; Equipped with four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive system axlddrive, and diesel or dual fuel engine, the gradeability reaches 45%. Combined with 14x 17.5 hoof tread pneumatic tire, the off-road ability is strong; Color coding and numbered wiring make equipment maintenance and repair easier and faster, and perfectly reflect Skyjack's product development concept designed specifically for leasing

sj16 self-propelled column vertical lifting aerial work platform has a working height of 6.58 meters, pure electric drive, and a climbing capacity of 30%. The product has the characteristics of small and flexible, safe and stable, zero emission, fast movement, etc., and is especially suitable for use in factories, warehouses, distribution, retail centers, cinemas, airports, public buildings, entertainment facilities and other commercial and institutional venues, It perfectly solves the need of high-altitude operation in narrow passages and can enter the elevator for transportation

The SJii 3219 scissor aerial work platform is the representative of the scissor aerial work platform with the largest sales and share in the world at present. The working height of the product is 7.62 meters, and it can be driven under the maximum lifting height. Sjii3219 scissor aerial work platform is one of Skyjack's best-selling products. It has won many famous industry application awards at home and abroad, and its product quality is highly trusted and recognized by users all over the world

Skyjack brings not only high-performance products to the exhibition audience, but also the development concept from the mature markets of aerial work platforms in Europe and the United States. In an interview, Mr. Malcolm early, vice president of global marketing of Skyjack, said that as the world's top high-altitude operation solution provider, Skyjack has a full range of companies including scissor type, arm type high-altitude operation platforms and telescopic arm type fork loading. Together with Honeywell, Skyjack won the bid for the exclusive supply of C919 aircraft wheels and braking systems, It can meet the needs of various working conditions of the majority of user groups in China

malcolm early said that although China's aerial work market is still very young, Skyjack still regards the Chinese market as the key to future development. The company will not only open more products and supporting services suitable for local needs to the Chinese market, but also bring the mature experience of European and American markets into China. Through professional experience sharing and skill training, the company will help leaseholder partners and end users improve the operation and management ability of aerial work products, and help customers get a more comprehensive improvement in the correct selection of products and the full life cycle management ability, Help the healthy and orderly development of China's aerial work platform market

it is understood that Skyjack has been operating in the global aerial work platform equipment industry for more than 30 years. In 2018, Skyjack ranked among the top three suppliers of the world's top 20 aerial work platforms with sales of $1.163 billion. Its products have always adhered to the design that simple and reliable tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials and the concept of easy maintenance. Through low use cost and easy maintenance and renovation, it provides the leasing industry with the best life cycle value and high residual value

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