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On July 18, the "2018 Thailand UAV forum" hosted by the Royal Thai Air Force was held in the Royal Thai Air Force conference hall in Bangkok, Thailand. The Tianying brothers' single wing plant protection UAV ty-787 and multi wing plant protection UAVs ty-m12l and ty-d10l made a wonderful appearance at the forum. Relying on the precise spraying technology and efficient operation mode, the Tianying brothers plant protection UAV received extensive attention at the forum site, won the general appreciation of on-site visitors and the Royal Air Force, and fully demonstrated the technical strength of China's agricultural UAV

this forum includes the latest UAV technology and innovative applications, and displays useful information related to UAV flight. Including agricultural service companies, UAV aerial photography, manufacturers, colleges, etc. to participate in this forum

with the convenience brought by unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles have become one of the fastest-growing electronic tools. In recent years, the UAV market in Southeast Asia has developed rapidly, among which the UAV market in Thailand has great potential. Thailand is a traditional agricultural country, but with the development of Thailand's economic situation, labor shortage has become a key problem in agricultural production. Efficient and intelligent plant protection UAVs are popular in Thailand

it is understood that the Tianying brothers plant protection UAV ty-m12l, which participated in this forum, has the functions of fully autonomous flight control, precise spraying and intelligent route planning. It has added RTK high-precision positioning system and a new millimeter wave ground simulation follow-up module to support one control multi aircraft, ground simulation flight and night operation. In addition, Tianying brothers also launched the Tianying agricultural service platform, which can realize the service functions of operation management, flight record and plant protection team management in a one-stop manner, and provide users with accurate and efficient agricultural plant protection solutions

the appearance of Tianying brothers' plant protection UAV at the "2018 Thailand UAV forum" is another clarion call for Tianying brothers, as a leading domestic agricultural UAV enterprise, to further layout the Southeast Asian market. China's advanced UAV technology will bring efficiency and intelligence to more users in Southeast Asia and even the world. Since this year, the price of battery grade lithium carbonate and the ability of Zikai environmental reliability and electromagnetic compatibility experimental center to do experiments have also increased by 7% Accurate plant protection methods

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