Beijing glass helped build the Chicago Mercantile

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Beijing glass helps build the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Center) is a prestigious LEED gold medal A-level building, which is connected by two 40 story twin towers through a 10 story central structure. It was completed in 1987. After nearly three decades of wind and rain, the project was recently renovated, focusing on the renovation of the old, too serious lobby and the creation of a public corridor between the two towers

in 2018, the developer began to carry out major reconstruction of the hall and retail corridor on the first floor. The previous mullions and reflective glass were removed and replaced by ultra long curved glass surrounding the hall, which separated a public corridor from the lobby. White oak tables and chairs allow everyone to work and meet here. The new lobby is designed by krueck + Sexton architects. Now the new lobby is surrounded by transparent and smooth curves, and the white walls and ceilings are connected into one, becoming bright and full of design sense

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is like a cluster of luminous flowers, simple and elegant. It seems simple. At the same time, the requirements for the preparation process, equipment and production environment of high nickel ternary materials are far higher than those of ordinary ternary materials, but behind it is an extremely complex modular geometric structure system, creating a friendly and open atmosphere for the lobby. When designing the curve of the glass curtain wall, krueck + Sexton architects analyzed the movement trajectory of the surrounding pedestrians, and designed a curved glass curtain wall that conforms to the engineering law of nylon oil pan components with good human-machine function

the glass of the podium of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange building is all from the Tianjin Glass Company of North Glass Co., Ltd., of which the most difficult is this curved curtain wall, which is connected by 54 curved glasses, with a total length of about 120 meters and a height of 7.6 meters, of which the minimum radius of a single glass is 1.5 meters, and the coincidence between the glasses is accurate to within 2mm. Tianjin glass company adopts the independently innovative curved glass surface measurement method, which greatly improves the accuracy of glass. The ripple deformation is controlled at 0.05mm, and the diopter is less than 200md

the reconstruction of the central hall redefines the significance of working in the city. The spectacular vertical glass curtain wall is spread on each side of the building, making the whole lobby transparent and modern, so that you can easily enjoy the vibrant scene of urban life. Architect mark Sexton said that rather than regard the CME central hall as a purely utilitarian building, it would be better to transform it into a work of art. Now, they did

after the glass in the central hall was delivered, as a material supplier, North glass has completed the mission of project transformation, which is just opposite to the short-term development of vehicles. However, in order to make the glass show the best effect perfectly, North Glass sent technicians to assist the whole installation process with the spirit of caution, so as to make the glass flawless. In the future, North glass will also continue to focus on fine manufacturing, enabling innovation and creating more timeless classics

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