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Sky high priced packaged goods continue to appear, vigilant become a hotbed of corruption

a bottle of Wuliangye wine with a 180 gram golden cap and base is priced at more than 290000 yuan; A box of 600g pickled mustard with a set of sterling silver bowls and chopsticks is priced at 2200 yuan, and the more frustrated and brave commodities are over packaged every year, deducing one by one surprising. Although this all requires a set time and an amazing sky high price. This has not only aroused the public's strong concern about the business concept and social atmosphere, but also exposed the hidden dangers of public funds' luxury consumption and corruption, which urgently need to be paid attention to by relevant parties

excessive luxury packaging has become a reality that makes businesses happy, people angry and puzzled, and the government embarrassed. From zongzi to moon cakes, from tea to tobacco and alcohol, from health products to clothing and jewelry, the commodities involved in excessive packaging are spreading. The performance analysis and typical case study of polypropylene materials are carried out. The packaging value of silk, mahogany and crystal is not only far beyond the commodity itself, but also extremely important. As for the gold package costing tens of thousands of yuan in Wuliangye's sky high price wine, people don't know whether it sells wine or gold? Do you want to buy or sell or show off your wealth? This abnormal packaging method is the embodiment of the unhealthy concept of businesses, and it is also a satire of supervision

excessive packaging or even sky high price packaging is essentially a mandatory and deceptive way. At the same time, it should also make the metallographic polishing machine rotate and move the pin back and forth along the radius of the turntable. It increases the burden on consumers, distorts the commodity pricing mechanism and disturbs the normal market competition order. And enterprises rely too much on external packaging and ignore product quality itself, trapped in the myth of not seeking the best, but the most expensive, is tantamount to abandoning the basics and destroying their future. In recent years, the extravagant over packaging of moon cakes has increasingly aroused public disgust, and the market is cooling, which is a wake-up call for the sustainable development of the moon cake industry

it must be clearly recognized that under the background of the still severe situation of public funds consumption and the long-term task of standardization, the continuous emergence of all kinds of sky high priced packaged goods will greatly promote vanity, luxury, corruption and other bad behaviors. Famous cigarettes and wines are already expensive, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to buy. Coupled with the packaging of real gold and silver, the drunken man's intention is not in the wine, but in its weight as a gift, the sky high price wine made with heavy money is likely to become a corrupt wine in the diagnosis business of five of the top10 global instrument companies at present. This situation deserves the concern of the society and the vigilance of the parties concerned

China has become the country with the most serious luxury packaging situation in the world, which is by no means a glory. The resulting series of market, environmental and social problems require reflection by all parties. To reverse this chaos, we need to gradually develop the concept of social rational low-carbon consumption, the advocacy and supervision of relevant national parties, the improvement of laws and regulations, and more importantly, the self-examination and self-discipline of enterprises. After all, a truly quality and negative enterprise doesn't need to pay so much for its products, and a rational and civilized consumer doesn't need real money to drink with vegetables

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