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Skills light up life. The first "Schneider electric cup" electrical device application technology competition was successfully held in Beijing, China. From November 4 to November, 2019, the 2019 National Machinery Industry Vocational Education Skills Competition "Schneider electric cup" electrical device application technology competition taking plastics as an example was successfully held in Nanjing Technician College. The competition attracted 52 student teams from 32 vocational colleges across the country. Finally, four teams from Nanjing technician college and Kaifeng Technician College stood out and won the first prize of the secondary vocational group, and one team from Xinxiang Technician College won the first prize of the higher vocational group


the first "Schneider electric cup" electrical device application technology competition was successfully held

in recent years, with the economy changing from high-speed growth to high-quality development, the continuous deepening of industrial transformation and upgrading and the continuous strengthening of scientific and technological innovation, as well as China's step-by-step progress from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, the industry has put forward a larger and more urgent demand for the backbone of the manufacturing industry, such as engineers with excellent technology and all kinds of advanced technical skills. On the other hand, the development of emerging technologies such as digitalization also requires talent training to keep pace with the times, and actively promote the green and sustainable development of the industry while constantly improving the level of technical skills. Government departments at all levels also attach great importance to the cultivation of skilled talents, and have launched a series of policies to constantly improve the long-term mechanism for the cultivation of high-quality skilled talents, while helping skilled talents to explore development space

As a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, Schneider Electric has a deep understanding of the significance of talent development for the sustainable development of the industry and even society, and helps cultivate applied skilled talents from the perspective of integration of production and education and collaborative education. Since its launch in 2015, Schneider Electric has established comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with a large number of vocational colleges, covering "hard power" such as high-level professional construction, advanced laboratory construction, teacher training, vocational skill training and identification, as well as "soft power" to improve self-confidence and team cooperation skills, including additive manufacturing, biomedicine, electronics, automotive, aerospace Consumer goods, etc. So far, the Bibo vocational education program covers many fields, such as electrical and energy management, intelligent lighting and building automation, industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing. The number of cooperative colleges has reached 65, 63 laboratories have been newly built, and more than 500 full-time teachers have been trained in the cooperative schools, benefiting more than 30000 students

Schneider Electric also introduced its advanced technology in the digital field, leading talent training concept and long-standing vocational education experience in other parts of the world into China. By helping skills competitions, it enabled the training of Chinese applied technology talents, so that more students could understand and apply the technology and concept of adjusting the distance between the main body and the dynamometer according to the shape and foundation map, and adjusting the direction of industry-leading technology and concept. At the same time, Schneider Electric hopes that with the help of this competition, more people will have the opportunity to approach the "skill world", refresh their understanding of skilled talents, understand the connotation of craftsman spirit, touch the development pulse of modern industry, and witness the infinite possibilities brought by "skills achieve dreams"

the national machinery industry vocational education skills competition is sponsored by the national machinery vocational education teaching steering committee and the machinery industry education development center authorized by the Ministry of education. Nanjing technician college, the co organizer of the "Schneider electric cup" electrical device application technology competition, is one of the cooperative colleges of Schneider Electric's "Bibo vocational education program". The "Schneider electric cup" electrical device application technology competition includes the application of electrical control and protection, the application of intelligent lighting system and the integration of professional quality. It tests not only the professional technology of the contestants, but also the comprehensive ability to think in an all-round way and meet challenges with the engineering thinking mode and scientific system view

the competition is going on in a tense and orderly way

global executive vice president of Schneider Electric Yin Zheng, President of China, said: "In the context of industrial upgrading and the deepening of digital transformation, the shortage of high-quality skilled talents is a common challenge faced by the industry. Vocational colleges have undertaken the important task of cultivating a large number of high-quality skilled talents. Through this competition, we hope to work with education departments and vocational colleges to comply with the changing needs of the market and promote the cultivation of senior technical talents. In the future, Schneider Electric will continue to move forward to support Chinese vocational education." Education reform, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and make more contributions to building a technological and manufacturing power. "

: Xu Hui

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