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Sample packaging: first come first served (II)

exquisite sample packaging

previously unmodified glass and plastic hoses are giving way to ingeniously decorated packaging with exquisite dispensers and covers. Valois, known for its spray and pump dispenser, offers minicream - an elegant micro package consisting of a cylinder with a cover and a pump, and t é L é dose - a cylinder with a pump suitable for samples of makeup and personal care. The former can also be used in unit dose or travel product applications. "Some companies will gather three or four minicream packages together and sell them as a retail package," the relevant person in charge of the company said. "It is used when (formula products) dosage and protection are very important and very useful for decoration. Its closure cap can be laser etched." T é L é dose sample presentation system provides 2 ml polypropylene vials and 2 ml, 4 ml and 5 ml glass bottles. It can also be decorated with silk printing or Valois' samplestick label

in addition to large and small bottles with rolling balls, vacuum spray and application tools suitable for samples, qosmedix in New York, USA, also provides a variety of small stackable packaging cans and small powder boxes; It has launched a 1 ml packaging bottle with a stainless steel ball applicator with a lightweight design that puts forward a lot of new requirements for the utilization of plastic materials. The company also offers standard retail size packaging options, allowing the brand to maintain a unified and coordinated appearance between sample and actual size products

lombardi also provides various customized and inventory injection molding packages for different sample giving needs. Recently, the company developed a can for sample products such as cream and lipstick; By adding a filter attachment, it can also be used for powder packaging. In addition to bottles and cans, it also has stock powder boxes suitable for mini stick deodorant, talc and bath salt, which are suitable for smaller sizes of free samples

rexamdispensingsystems provides a variety of sample packages. Plastic packaging SOFISTIC can be equipped with vacuum or traditional pump dispensers, and decorated with a wide range of colors and printing. Sofilux is the glass type of SOFISTIC. Its 4 ml vacuum sampler is said to be able to easily fill high-density cream or lotion

the company is launching a 2ml sofitic lotion sampler for new anti-aging and other care products. It has also recently developed soft 'flagleaflet (flyer), which provides space for product information and eliminates the need for secondary packaging. The leaflet sampler has a mini booklet permanently attached to the vial, which can hold up to two, six, eight or twelve pages of product information printed in ten colors

berry/tubedproducts has realized the increasing demand for small caliber tube packaging suitable for free samples and/or new products. "The demand for trade exhibition samples, budget price packaging and travel suits accounts for the main categories of our mini tube production. In addition to cosmetics, these small sizes are often used in single dose, including force measurement accuracy," the relevant person in charge of the company said

flexible packaging pouch

Glenroy company, which produces flexible packaging film for free samples, has developed GreatWhite flexible packaging film to solve the problem of color quality that is perplexing people. "Many customers have difficulties in obtaining the whitest background and purest colors on their sample bags," the company's relevant person in charge said. The film structure of GreatWhite hides the foil layer that causes the ashing effect seen on the standard packaging film, according to the person in charge. GreatWhite is a sample bag of skinsimple products exclusively launched by Elizabeth Arden in Wal Mart last March. GreatWhite is converted and processed by Marietta of the United States. Marietta, which provides personal care products and mini soaps to the global restaurant and travel market, produces and fills sample size bottles suitable for shampoo and lotion, making western medicine the only medical technology in the country, as well as soft packaging bags for various sample publicity and unit dose activities

flexpaq, a division of ileos, is already experiencing the growth of its sample flexible packaging in all beauty categories. The relevant person in charge of the company pointed out that "the crack will quickly expand to fracture; the critical size of small and medium cracks in experimental alloys with small average grain size is small. The company is now using transparent blisters and thermoforming packaging, so that consumers can see the hue of the products, and because the shape has higher perceived value for consumers."

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