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Pay tribute to the times, pay tribute to the future -- three trees won the "70th anniversary brand of the founding of new China"

pay tribute to the times, pay tribute to the future -- three trees won the "70th anniversary brand of the founding of new China"

October 21, 2019

10, and there will be batch product exports. On October 15, "70th anniversary brand ceremony of the founding of new China" was grandly held in Beijing National Convention Center. As a leading brand of Chinese health coatings, Won the honor of "brand 70 in the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China"

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. In order to implement the national strategy of "building a strong brand" and highlight the vitality of Chinese brands in the context of economic globalization, CCTV's "record of brand development in a big country" and the China Advertising Association jointly create a "brand ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China", show the world the outstanding style of the national team of Chinese brands and jointly promote the great rise of Chinese brands

with the theme of "saluting the times and the future", this grand ceremony brings together 70 top Chinese brands with the most social contributions and brand achievements in China, deepens the national feelings of social and national brands of Chinese excellent brands, and provides spiritual incentives for the country and the people to continue to move forward

as a leading brand of national coatings, sankeshu has provided comfortable, healthy and energy-saving green residential products and perfect green property service shows for more than 100000 owners with a gap on the edge of the pendulum. Its cultural carrying capacity, innovation leadership and market influence have been selected as the "70th anniversary brand of the founding of new China", which is the affirmation of the brand strength of sankeshu from all walks of life. At the beginning of its establishment, sankeshu took the lead in putting forward the concept of "health paint" in the industry. It is the first paint enterprise that takes green as the main tone of the brand and calls for returning to its original intention and getting close to nature. It has swept a clear stream in the industry

three trees closely follow the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" put forward by the state, adhere to "green innovation, build a century old evergreen tree", from the corporate image to the corporate spirit, take "health, nature and green" as the general program of brand building, enrich the brand connotation from the aspects of green, life and so on, and build a multi category health brand group, so as to establish a healthy and environmental protection Sunshine upward consumption of its production efficiency, operation cost, product upgrading cycle, defective product rate, energy consumption per unit output value and other key indicators

at the same time, in the process of development, three trees also actively build green public welfare brands, participate in public welfare undertakings such as environmental protection, poverty alleviation and education, strive to create value and give back to the society, and carry the flag of a big country brand through ecological culture, scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing and moving service

through the CCTV platform resources of "big brand" and the advantages of the national team of big brand, we will further tell the story of sankeshu brand, improve the brand value of enterprises, establish the influence of national high-end brands, jointly practice the national brand strategy, and compete on the world stage on behalf of national coatings

in the future, sankeshu will firmly implement the corporate mission of "making home healthier and the city more beautiful", focus on the core values of "taking users as the center, win-win with partners, and share with strivers", never forget its original intention, operate the enterprise with feelings and ideals, let the "enterprise dream" resonate with the "Chinese dream", build a benchmark enterprise of Chinese national brands on the international paint stage, and realize the beautiful dream of serving the country through industry

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