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Samsung display vigorously promotes 4K OLED notebook panels

according to sources in Taiwan's notebook supply chain, Samsung display is currently soliciting orders from HP, Dell, Lenovo and other brand manufacturers for its 15.6-inch 4koled notebook panels, and it is expected that the new notebook will be launched in 2019

according to the source, Samsung's 4K OLED is characterized by high resolution, low blue light, wide viewing angle and thin thickness; In addition, Samsung display is likely to get some orders from notebook computer suppliers, because Samsung display has managed to narrow the price gap between the relevant 15.6-inch LCD and OLED panels to US dollars, so that the price of OLED panels can be accepted by notebook computer manufacturers

however, it is reported that the initial trial production of notebook computers equipped with 4K OLED panels has encountered some production problems, including display deformation during assembly due to panel size 2 and classification according to loading method. The source said that there were also some problems in the integration of the panel and the laptop chassis, such as causing abnormal images. Notebook computer suppliers and panel suppliers need to spend some time together to solve these production problems, which may delay the popularity of 4K OLED notebook computers

in spite of this, this paper introduces the reason why the national standard gb/t 10801.2 (2) 002 extruded polystyrene foam for thermal insulation (XPS) needs to be revised and the revision plan. The source said that Hehui optoelectronics has also launched 4K OLED notebook computer panels, aiming to expand the application range of OLED panels, and has a direct competition with Samsung monitors in this segment market in 2016

according to sources, Samsung display plans to launch 1million 4K OLED laptop panels in 2019

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