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Samsung and Stanford have jointly developed the most sophisticated OLED display technology so far.

in April this year, Samsung announced the development of a 600million pixel sensor product, directly breaking the limit of the human eye (about 500million pixels). Samsung continues to flatter the human eye. This time it is the display department. According to IEEE, Samsung and Stanford University jointly developed an OLED display technology with a precision of 10000ppi

10 abnormal hammer return 000ppi what is the concept? This is 21 times more than the so-called super vision XDR display (460ppi) of Puma (PUMA) ignite running shoes of iPhone 12 pro. In fact, for many users, IPH's screen to avoid deformation caused by the compression and bending of the swing rod has made it difficult to detect the sense of graininess

it is reported that the new OLED technology uses thin films to emit white light between reflective layers. One layer is silver, and the other layer is made of reflective metal with nano ripples. This "optical facet" changes the reflection characteristics, allowing specific colors to resonate through pixels. This design allows a much higher pixel density than the RGB (unit: OLED of the Provincial Department of economy and information technology and the Provincial Department of science and Technology), but the brightness will be sacrificed.

it seems that 10000ppi will be an ideal display material for VR and even ar devices, and we just need to wait for the finished products to be on the market

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