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Salt industry composite flexible packaging material

after ten years of unremitting efforts, the salt industry has made remarkable achievements in the promotion of polyethylene (PE) single film iodized salt small packaging, and the iodized salt packaging and sanitary conditions have been greatly improved. However, in view of the limitations of PE single film in its own performance, it is no longer suitable for the requirements of modern market and commodity packaging. Using the respective characteristics of single film, two or more films are bonded together to form a composite film, which overcomes the shortcomings of single-layer film, can smoothly pass through the curve and play an important role in the safe operation of Baocheng vehicles, and integrates their respective advantages to meet the packaging requirements of various commodities including iodized salt

the salt industry follows the market demand, constantly weeding out the old and bringing forth the new. While developing a variety of salts, it is imperative to speed up the upgrading of product packaging. The independent introduction, development and production of salt ordinary middle seal and three side seal composite membrane bags is practical and feasible for the salt industry system with certain economic strength and a stable consumption market, and has a unique market advantage. The implementation of the project can be carried out in a variety of flexible ways, such as independent development, through institutional innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, the use of existing assets and human resources, reduce operating costs, and promote technological progress and product upgrading. This packaging project can bring the following obvious benefits: first of all, it can meet the packaging needs of the salt industry, especially the small packaging of iodized salt, which is very helpful to inhibit the volatilization of iodine and reduce the damage in the transportation and marketing links. Secondly, cooperate with the adjustment of the enterprise's business structure, expand employment opportunities, increase jobs, and provide more opportunities for the diversion and resettlement of personnel within the enterprise, which is conducive to the stability of the salt industry workforce. Third, become a new economic growth point for enterprises, improve the ability of enterprises to resist market risks, and enhance the cohesion of enterprise employees

at present, PE/Pet two-layer dry compound production process is widely used in salt industry system. The production equipment of this process is mainly composed of extrusion film blowing machine, gravure rotary printing machine, automatic anti-counterfeiting label pasting machine, rewinding machine, laminating machine, slitting machine and bag making machine. The main and auxiliary raw materials required include polyethylene, polyester, adhesive, ink, diluent, etc. its processing technology adopts purchased pet film, pasted Bayer Material Technology after internal printing. It has rich experience in the use of polyurethane and neoprene adhesive technology, anti-counterfeiting labels, Then it is compounded with PE film by dry method to form a film. Finally, the packaging bag or film is produced by the slitter and bag making machine for semi-automatic and full-automatic iodized salt packaging machine

compared with the previous single film, the packaging film produced by the above process has good softness, high mechanical strength, good printability, good gas barrier, and certain transparency and stiffness; Adopt multi-color overprint, the layout is rich in color, has a strong sense of hierarchy, and is easy to express products; It overcomes the defect that the surface printing pattern ink is easy to be rubbed and damaged by external forces; The sandwich automatic anti-counterfeiting label is adopted, which is fast and accurate; The multi-color inner printing of composite film and the anti-counterfeiting method of sandwich labeling greatly increase the difficulty of counterfeiting and improve the anti-counterfeiting level

the investment amount of the project is determined according to the production scale, product grade, plant facilities, personnel technical level and other factors. It is highly flexible, ranging from two to three million to tens of millions. In addition to the production of medium sealed and three side sealed iodized salt small packaging bags, the existing equipment can also produce a wide variety of packaging products such as liquid packaging bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, three-dimensional bags, tea bags, food bags and so on, expand a broader market space and seek greater economic benefits by appropriately adjusting the production process

when deepening the reform and adjusting the industrial structure of the salt industry, it is undeniably faced with some practical difficulties and obstacles from the tertiary industry to the secondary industry, especially in the market concept, talent concept, management concept and so on. How to avoid complex situations such as investment decision-making mistakes, lagging management, outdated technology, poor equipment matching, unstable product quality, high production costs, frequent human accidents and so on, it is suggested to start with the following work: first, we should change our ideas, change the operation mechanism, and the mechanisms such as operators can move up and down, personnel can enter and leave, income can increase and decrease, continuous technological innovation, asset preservation and appreciation; Implement democratic and scientific decision-making, take the market as the guide, and implement market-oriented development strategies, technological innovation strategies and marketing plans

it can be predicted that once the enterprise makes correct decisions, operates properly and manages properly, the development projects relying on the main salt industry will be even stronger, embark on the development track of a virtuous cycle, seek survival and development in the service of the salt industry, obtain a broader market space outside the expansion of the salt industry in the development, and seek greater development in the competition

the phenomenon that plastic composite packaging materials are favored by the salt industry shows that the salt industry has stepped into new industry fields from simple production, supply and marketing, and it is normal to face some problems and adverse factors. The key lies in how to successfully take this difficult first step and achieve a successful leap. It seems that looking inward, tapping the potential advantages of the main business and seeking a breakthrough is a realistic and feasible way to develop diversified economy

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