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SAMPE China 2009 activity - super light composite bridge/wing student competition

referring to the organizational experience of SAMPE America, the first super light composite bridge/wing student competition will be held during SAMPE China 2009 activity. The event was funded by Boeing, and the winners will receive trophies and certificates with the logo of sample Beijing and Boeing. A total of 16 university students participated in the 12th lightweight bridge and the 5th lightweight wing competition held in Baltimore this year. These competitions help students' interest in learning research materials and improve their technical level, which is worthy of our reference and promotion

please refer to the rules of sample 2009:

(3) the effect of solid solution treatment on the strength of the alloy is smaller than that of aging treatment PX

Contact: Zhao Xinyu, but suffering from the impact resistance, it does not meet the requirements


email: service@sampe. Energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered

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