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How about Samsung 31.5 inch 4K curved display u32r590cwc evaluation? How about the image quality of the design game

Samsung 31.5-inch narrow frame hidden line design PS4 curved LCD computer display u32r590cwc, I started with various great God evaluation posts. After using them for a period of time, I want to share my starting Views:

the shape is very good-looking, foursquare. The color effect is very good. The picture looks like light leakage, but it doesn't actually leak light, and the display is delicate without graininess. The screen is very light, the plastic shell feels very good, the base is very heavy, and the installation is very stable. It is much better than buying a bracket of more than 100 in the previous two years. The wire design is very good, and the wiring trough, power line and HDMI line are combined into one, which can reflect the ability of different materials to resist damage caused by high-speed impact. It is very good. More details of advantages and disadvantages evaluation>

the overall price will be given 90 points. In addition, if the monitor can rotate left and right, it will be full points. However, generally speaking, I can't use the resolution of turning left and right

4K. For me, I can't play games. The configuration of the computer is too high. It's just that the spring that bears variable load is good, and I don't play large games very much. Watching video, the resolution is perfect. Play fantasy westward travel more, and watch the live broadcast while enjoying yourself. At this price, it's worth buying a Samsung 4K monitor with such a beautiful appearance

price: the promotional price of this Samsung 31.5-inch 4K curved surface display u32r590cwc in is ¥ 3699.00 (click here to view it), and the activity quotation of tmall is ¥ 3799.00 (click here to view it). It seems that there are many price differences. Friends in need may wish to pay attention

configuration: Samsung's model is u32r590cwc curved display. It is a professional display specially designed for graphic design. It adopts a new design, with a fashionable and simple appearance and an extremely narrow frame. Using a 31.5-inch VA screen, 3840x2160 ultra clear 4K resolution, 1500r curvature, 16:9 screen proportion in the tensile experiment, and supporting 60Hz refresh rate, although it is not high, the graphic design also ensures that customers have less requirements for purchase and use than the game, which is sufficient; 4ms response time, 1.07 billion color number, more delicate color performance. The static contrast ratio reaches 2500:1, and the visual angle is as high as 178 °. It is designed with German Rhine blue light proof design, and the non flashing screen is more convenient to use for a long time

summary: in general, Samsung u32r590cwc display is a display with both appearance and performance. The 6.9mm thin body and all metal minimalist base make the monitor look fashionable and quite textured, while the 1500r curved screen is more suitable for the curvature of the human eye, which has a very strong sense of immersion compared with traditional monitors

in terms of performance, the color gamut, tone response and color accuracy of the display are very good. With the 1.07 billion color display and the 2500:1 static contrast, the performance of the display in color can definitely be described as excellent. Whether it is connected to the host or as an external screen of the notebook, it is very suitable. For content creators, this is a rare display

let's talk about the price of the display. The JD price of this 31.5-inch, 4K resolution, high-quality color performance Samsung u32r590cwc display is 3999 yuan. When Lu members buy no more than 10 pieces, they can enjoy a single piece price of ¥ 3699. Don't miss it if you like

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