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Samsung Jingying white washing and drying set ww1wn64ftbw+ clothes dryer dv90m5200qw evaluation comments

try for a month experience:

(1) the washing machine has a beautiful shape, white is just the color of our home, the texture and response of the keys of the washing machine are very sensitive, and the functions are complete. My mother says it's convenient to wash all kinds of clothes or bedclothes, and it's not rolled up like a wave wheel washing machine, which effectively protects clothes, Of course, the protective net of the concrete pressure testing machine is also washed very clean with low noise, which is really worth the money

(2) Samsung washing machine is good and reliable, and customer service Weiwei is also very enthusiastic to answer. It is reliable to buy things in the flagship store, and five-star praise recommends buying

(3) finally, weeding is increasingly valued by countries all over the world, and the clothes dryer is as easy to use as it is used abroad! I was worried about unstable stacking, but there was no problem at all! The clapboard delivered is very practical, and the loading speed is too fast or too slow. The box of wool filtering is also convenient to clean. It would be even better if the condensed water could be directly connected to the drain pipe instead of the water tank during installation

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II. Functional features and detailed configuration parameters:

functional features are shown in the following figure:

detailed configuration parameters:

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