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Samsung Electronics Co. plans to launch an independent smart watch in the near future. At present, Samsung Electronics Co. has launched a fierce attack on wrist communication devices, and plans to launch a smart watch that can be used independently in the next few months if the output voltage of the amplifier is unstable

people familiar with Samsung's related plans said that the company's watch can be connected without being connected to a smart watch, and most smart watches on the market do not have this function. In addition, these people also said that the watch can also take photos, send emails, and is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth and heart monitor. In short, it includes a series of functions that will make 007 agent bond who likes to carry advanced equipment proud. In the bond film series "for your eyes only", the fictional British agent used a wrist walkie talkie

Samsung Electronics is a technology giant in South Korea and the world's largest smart seller. People familiar with the matter said that the company is now negotiating with telecom operators in the United States, South Korea and Europe on the watch, hoping to launch the product between June and July. This product will run the operating system tizen jointly developed by Samsung and Intel Corp

people familiar with the matter declined to disclose the name of this watch, and also avoided talking about whether people should hold their wrists to their lips when using this watch to play the lead screw

Samsung's new wristwatch equipped with SIM card will be one of the few independent electronic devices in the market and the only independent electronic device produced by a large manufacturer so far

many analysts said that whether this smart watch has the function of playing or not, it may not be a business

Lee Seung woo, an analyst at IBK securities in Seoul, said that why people need to buy smart watches at present is still a problem. He said that Samsung is expected to dominate the wearable device market, but the sales revenue of such devices will take a long time to contribute to the company's profits

IDC, a market research institution, predicts that shipments of wearable devices, including smart watches, will triple this year to more than 19million; Smart sales are expected to grow by 19.3% to 1.2 billion units

but for Samsung, smart watches have another function. The company is stepping up efforts to test its tizen operating system with smart watches. Samsung has promoted the software development plan with tizen as the core, trying to increase its advantage in the competition with apple and Google

Samsung executives have said that they plan to use tizen to connect wearable devices with cameras, refrigerators, air conditioners and a series of other products

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