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Samsung announced that it would release flexible screen intelligence in October

Samsung announced that it would release a flexible screen intelligence in October. As the world's top manufacturer, Samsung seems to hope to maintain its leading position in the fierce market competition through hardware innovation

although it was previously reported that the final release time of this device will be the fourth quarter of this year. However, Samsung mobile business director e said at the galaxynote3 press conference that we plan to launch a smart phone with a flexible screen in South Korea in October

Samsung once showed a device equipped with a flexible screen at the CES exhibition in January this year. This is a device with a modified polypropylene surface quality named youm, equipped with a 5.5-inch display. The edge of the screen of this device is curved, and information such as notifications can be displayed on the curved screen

according to park Shangzhen, CEO of Samsung vision, this new device to be released in October will use OLED screen and curve shape. There will be a huge difference between the new device and Samsung's current intelligence that can adapt to detect various properties of materials

the flexible screen technology is still in an immature stage in the development of the screen. It can make the screen dry, low noise and curved, and finally apply to mobile devices and wearable devices with different shapes. If this technology is mature, it is likely to completely change the development of the high-end intelligent market only by repeated measurements

flexible screen technology is now commercially available with large screen TVs. Samsung and its main competitor LG have launched curved OLED screen TVs this year, priced at about $9000 (about 55096 yuan)

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