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Samsung's new patents have exposed a series of new products, including folding screen computers in addition to tablets

Samsung Galaxy S10 series will appear next week. According to the trailer information, it seems that the folding screen will also appear together. Having said that, Samsung's exploration of folding screen devices will not stop there. Foreign media sammobile pointed out that Samsung has applied for a number of patents related to folding screen devices again, and it seems that there will be more and more similar products in the future

however, Samsung's latest patent application for folding screen is not only related to, but even includes tablet computers and desktop PCs. Perhaps Samsung believes that the folding screen technology has great potential, so it can be used in a variety of devices. Operation steps: in the future, it will gradually try to add the screen folding feature to most devices with screens

one of the leading new patents is the patent of folding screen, which we are familiar with. From the patent map, the shape of the folding screen is not much different from the Samsung folding screen engineering machine that has been exposed before. It has three displayable screens. The screen size increases a lot in the expanded state, and the volume in the folded form is controlled to a certain extent

the shape of the second folding screen device is like a tablet computer, but in terms of folding mode, it is not much different from. Compared with the folding screen, the only difference of the folding screen tablet may be the larger screen size. Of course, there will be some adjustments and improvements in the interaction, but it is not reflected in the Patent Description, so it is reflected in the upgrading process of the platform

the third patent describes a computer whose screen can be folded. Unlike conventional computers, this product is an "all-in-one machine", and the screen is attached to a long cylinder with rounded corners, just like a scroll unfolding. If there is no accident, the rounded rectangular long cylinder should be where the host is located. Maybe the screen on the outside can be bent back and attached to the host

although these patents may not come true in the end, with the development of flexible screen technology, the appearance of digital products is facing more possibilities. The popularization direction of flexible screen or folding screen must be from small to large, from thin to thick, and sooner or later it will be popularized from small devices such as intelligence to large devices such as computers

with the continuous breakthroughs of various technologies, the miniaturization and high efficiency of digital electronics are inevitable Φ 16~ Φ 24mm; Diameter of anchor cable body Φ 15~ Φ 24mm trend. I believe that folding screen is just the beginning, and more similar products will be launched in the future

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