Intimate sentences but hidden decoration traps

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"We threw away these waste products for you!" "200 yuan has been spent. It's better to stick another 100 yuan to buy a good one." "I suddenly remembered a good idea!" Does such a sentence sound familiar? If you hear such "intimate" sentences when decorating, you may have been cheated. Mr. Wang, who lives in Hankou, met such a "considerate" decoration company. As a result, the house has not been decorated, but the budget has exceeded half

"I chose a decoration company close to home, because I had heard that the water of others' decoration was very deep before, and I was afraid of being cheated when I decorated. Choosing a decoration company close to home was also convenient for supervision, but I didn't expect that because of the" intimate "Suggestions of the decoration company, I fell into the dilemma of decoration." Mr. Wang posted on the Wuhan Decoration Forum early in the morning, saying that when he was decorating, what he had thought was suddenly changed by the temporary decision of the decoration company. The key is that the final budget of the decoration was more than half of his initial budget, which undoubtedly became the pain of Mr. Wang's decoration. Some owners will certainly ask, how can these seemingly considerate sentences be tricky for decoration companies

for ordinary homeowners, decoration is a kind of technical work, and the process of decoration is also a process of fighting with decoration companies. Some homeowners are inferior in skills and can only admit bad luck by being dumb. Some highly skilled homeowners can see through the tricks of the decoration company at a glance to ensure their own interests. The editor of Wuhan home decoration network collected six deceptive quotations often used by decoration companies in Wuhan Decoration Forum. Each sentence is very "intimate", but it is a decoration trap

1. We threw away these waste products for you

Xiaobian dialysis: maybe the things sold are not very valuable, but it is a matter of principle to sell at will without the consent of the owner. It's best to make it clear in advance. This is the rule and the rule

2. Only imported stones can "achieve the effect"

Xiaobian dialysis: even if there are decorative materials with cheaper prices and better decorative effects, designers will not use them in design, because building materials chamber of Commerce will give rebates to decoration companies or designers

3. It costs 200 yuan. It's better to stick another 100 yuan to buy a good one

Xiaobian dialysis: the decoration budget is so overspent... Some decoration companies have taken over the project at a low price, which is bound to lay a "trap" in the following decoration. "Low price" is the "bait" of "fishing". As soon as the construction contract is signed, the decoration company begins to "close the line"

4. Suddenly came up with a good idea

Xiaobian dialysis: some decoration companies will deliberately abandon some required projects when quoting, and then "add" projects after signing the contract. At this time, the unit price is up to others the final say

5. There should be a cabinet in the partition of this room

Xiaobian dialysis: water, electrician and carpentry are the main part of making money, so it's strange that the contractor doesn't persuade. Besides, if carpentry is done at the owner's house, it will occupy the site, be dirty and messy, and have a strong smell of paint

6. Make do where you can't see

Xiaobian dialysis: consumers generally pay more attention to woodworking, bricklaying, oil workers and other "visible and touchable" conventional engineering projects, but they know little about concealed works and some details, and many construction workers often make articles here

these are all deceptive quotations often used in decoration. If you don't want to be cheated during decoration, you must first understand the fishiness in decoration! Wuhan home decoration network also reminds the majority of decoration owners to see clearly the items contained in the decoration contract when signing the contract. In addition, don't make random changes in the process of decoration, or your decoration budget will be overspent





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