Yadan mobile version was officially launched

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On November 17, the new mobile official website of Yadan wardrobe was officially launched

on November 17, the new mobile official website of Yadan wardrobe was officially launched. Elegant visual design and color matching, adapting to the page specifications of the mobile interface, more functional features and product information, provide users with a fast and convenient one-stop home customization platform, and start the "Internet + customization" fashion journey of Yadan ecological home

the home page project of the mobile official website covers functional modules such as "bedroom", "study", "living room", "hot sale", "customized story", "about us", "news trends", etc., which are simple and practical. Users can click to enter and have a comprehensive, multi angle and detailed understanding of our product information, customized solutions, etc. Among them, the "news trends" column is carefully selected, with novel forms and rich content. It immediately transmits the official website news and brand information to users. In addition, at the design level, the overall style is refreshing and atmospheric, with the temperament of great home style; The main color is dark red. The color is warm and elegant. Every browsing can bring a fashionable and comfortable visual experience

in order to make it more convenient for consumers, make "Internet + customization" more routine. The official website is specially equipped with "online consultation", "appointment measurement" and other functions. Customers can consult online to understand customized information, and can also "leave an online message" to conveniently and quickly make an appointment with the designer's door-to-door measuring ruler. In terms of function setting, the official website of the mobile phone also follows the principle of humanization, such as the "search keyword" page, through which users can browse at will, find the target object conveniently and quickly, locate quickly, and enjoy the customization experience

Yadan Mobile's official website has been innovated and optimized on the basis of the PC version. Users can view the company's latest products, customized information and other information anytime and anywhere. In the future, we will continue to optimize and upgrade the mobile official website to bring users better service and personalized customization experience




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