Classic bathroom decoration design

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 & emsp; The application of computer design overturned the conservative image of traditional tiles and mosaics, making the walls of the bathroom vivid and charming. The application of new waterproof materials gives more choices. The maturity of technology makes the transformation of space easier. The bathroom transformed from the terrace brings sunshine and healthy bathing methods to the home at the same time

 & emsp; 1. The highest level of integration

&emsp& emsp; On one side is a modern bath space, on the other is a Chinese wall cabinet. The exquisite carved wooden door forms a sharp contrast with the mirror sliding door on the opposite side. Just like those old houses with a long history, after the necessary modern decoration, the new and old, modern and classical blend, producing a complex and low-key aesthetic feeling. To do this kind of span collocation, we should pay attention to the collection and accumulation of household items, and pay attention to unity and deletion when placing

 & emsp; 2. Simple color, multiple materials

&emsp& emsp; Black and white is an eternal popular color. In such a classic space, you can choose furniture with the same design style but different shapes, colors and textures. The leather soft wall in the dry area of the bathroom, the mosaic collage in the wet area, the glass chandelier with a full sense of shape and the sanitary ware with bright lines, all of which are simple and full of tension, together creating a space with rich texture

 & emsp; 3. Perceptual merging of private space

&emsp& emsp; Pursue unrestrained personality liberation and find your own living space. The fully open bathroom is integrated with the bedroom. Only the ceiling and the position of green plants are used for hidden zoning. The wall behind the bathtub is paved with a square pattern with mosaic, which is not only a moisture-proof treatment, but also a unity in color with the surrounding gray gravel wall

 & emsp; 4. The alliance between wood and stone

&emsp& emsp; The smoothness of the stone filled the whole bathroom. Although the hairy carpet was used to make up for this coldness, it didn't weigh much. Therefore, in the corner of the bathroom, the sauna room adds warmth to the bathroom. In the construction of the bathroom, the stable stone and friendly wood have different personalities, but they belong to the same family of natural materials, so there will be a sense of freshness visually, but it is easy to ensure harmony in touch and emotion

 & emsp; 5. Return to the original ecology

&emsp& emsp; The terrace is changed into a bathroom, with bright ceiling lighting, a wooden bathtub in the middle of the bathroom, rough stone floors and screens with strong national totem decorative patterns, which are combined to form a simple and natural original ecological atmosphere. The design inspiration of this style originally came from the vast land of Africa. The original ecological style bedroom appeared in urban residences, making the urban upstarts find a natural space to return to simplicity

 & emsp; 6. Window full of flowers

&emsp& emsp; The heavy stone and light glass make the bathroom full and simple, without too much decoration, and use Chinese Carved window sashes to create a strong romantic style. Through the carved mottled light and shadow, the originally straightforward light becomes full of sentiment, concise and soft. The two different customs are cleverly combined because of the integration of sunshine. The wooden window sash is not only not afraid of water but also transparent, which is unmatched by cloth curtains





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