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PrintCity will join hands for the first time to launch the China Exhibition

Roland, together with UPM group and Kurtz group, will represent printCity to participate in China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition from April 10 to 14, 2007

this is the first time in the Chinese market that these three enterprises have jointly participated in the exhibition of generation · power supply - 220V 50Hz meter printCity. In addition, they will actively discuss how to combine everyone's technology to make greater contributions to the development of packaging industry, printing industry and publishing industry

printCity is a strategic alliance that unites independent enterprises in the global printing industry. PrintCity's partners share their efforts and seek practical solutions to optimize production and workflow by sharing each other's technology and experience

the benefits brought by cooperating with member enterprises of printCity alliance to Chinese printers, publishers and packaging manufacturers include the following:

* being able to accurately explore the needs of some production, In order to meet these needs and make new investment, seek appropriate solutions

* get the opportunity to contact and communicate with printing equipment and material suppliers who want to provide innovative solutions to the Chinese market

* get the reports and research of printCity on cross industry topics such as UV ink and drying, food packaging, brand protection, and commercial printing, And guidance, etc.

one of the world's largest printing equipment manufacturers, Mr. Feng Hanbo, chairman of ManRoland Greater China, said: "Manroland has been a loyal member of printCity since its establishment in 1998. With the continuous and rapid development of modern printing industry, as long as you become a member of printCity, every customer can easily share the valuable technology and experience of global printing equipment and material suppliers."

"at the China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition held in April this year, we will introduce in detail how printCity can help Chinese printers, publishers and packaging manufacturers make further development."

Xia Xiaohui, the Asia Pacific and China printing paper product manager of UPM paper, one of the world's largest printing paper suppliers, said: "in Europe, printCity has been widely recognized by the customers of all its member enterprises. Many Chinese printing manufacturers have learned about printCity at drupa international printing and packaging exhibition held in Germany every four years."

"in 2007, we will directly bring the information and benefits of printCity to the Chinese market."

Mr. Chen Jianxin, Greater China Sales Director of Kurtz group, said: "we need to find out the best way for printCity to provide high-quality services to Chinese customers in 2007 and beyond. In Europe, printCity will provide seminars and relevant publications. If the Chinese market is also interested, we can do the same. The most important thing is the needs of customers. We know printCity Can provide many advantages. "

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