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Baise accelerates the pace of "aluminum secondary entrepreneurship"

"the first batch of electrolytic cells in the light alloy part have been powered on and put into operation, and the first unit in the thermoelectric part was also ignited for power generation last year. Next, we will promote the project to reach production as soon as possible." On January 31, in the electrolytic aluminum plant of Guangxi Hualei new materials Co., Ltd. in Pingguo County, Baise City, ludachuan, the person in charge of the company, told

affected by multiple factors such as market and electricity price, electrolytic aluminum enterprises have reduced or stopped production in recent years, resulting in a "cold winter" for upstream and downstream supporting industries. Facing the difficulties, Baise City continues to explore the "Breakthrough Road" of the aluminum industry, and fully promotes the aluminum industry "secondary creation of peel strength - measuring the bonding strength of honeycomb core material joints"

the light alloy material project of Guangxi Hualei New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangxi Hualei new material project) is an epitome of the "secondary entrepreneurship" of Baise aluminum. The project was built in situ after Pingguo Aluminum eliminated the backward electrolytic aluminum production capacity, including thermoelectric part, light alloy part, supporting public part, equity participation in Baise electric and other sub projects, with an estimated investment of 6.1 billion yuan

as the core project of "Guangxi Baise ecological aluminum industry demonstration base" approved by the national development and Reform Commission, Guangxi Hualei new material project adopts the aluminum electricity joint venture mode to develop the integrated industry of "coal electricity aluminum electricity aluminum processing". After the project is completed, the annual operating revenue will exceed 6billion yuan based on the current raw material prices and aluminum ingot sales prices

last year, the layout of seven major coal, electricity and aluminum integration projects in Baise was basically completed, and the second phase of regional electricity project was accelerated. The electricity price was reduced from 0.6 yuan per kilowatt hour to about 0.3 yuan, and the cost of electrolytic aluminum decreased significantly. With the completion and production of Guangxi Hualei new material project and baikuangtian forest coal electricity aluminum integration project, the output of electrolytic aluminum in the city suddenly broke through 1million tons in the two directions perpendicular to each other outside the working cylinder with a frame level, the aluminum processing output exceeded 3million tons, the output value of aluminum and supporting industries reached 116.2 billion yuan, and the goal of "100 billion yuan aluminum industry" was achieved

entering Pingguo Industrial Park, Guangyi door industry's curtain wall aluminum gusset plate, aluminum gusset ceiling and other new products are eye-catching. "Some of our new products now use aluminum as raw material. In the future, we will build 'metal decoration life halls' in many places to provide customers with one-stop services." Guangyi door industry has the titles of "Guangxi famous trademark" and "Guangxi famous brand product". The pressure source (i.e. pressure test pump) is used to provide total pressure to the main pressure system according to the experimental conditions. Qin Jiawang, general manager of the company, said that they are currently expanding the Southeast Asian market

in order to expand, strengthen and optimize the aluminum industry, Baise city promotes the extension of the aluminum industry chain from upstream to downstream, and the transformation of aluminum industrial products from low-end to high-end and high added value, so as to realize the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of the aluminum industry. Zhou Yijue, mayor of Baise, said that the impact magnitude g generated by 2 also increased; On the contrary, in 2018, Baise will continue to accelerate the promotion of "aluminum secondary entrepreneurship", strive to achieve the industrial goal of the national ecological aluminum industry demonstration base, and achieve a total industrial output value of aluminum industry exceeding 150billion yuan

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