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Automatic industrial control software is mostly to know and buy fake

the picture shows the fake industrial control software collected by the police

□ perspective of typical cases of police crackdown on counterfeiting article/figure this newspaper Li Enshu

industrial control software is mainly used for infrastructure operation detection. Pirated industrial control software has varying degrees of instability, which may cause major accidents endangering public safety at any time

in March this year, under the unified coordination and command of the Ministry of public security, the Shanghai police, in conjunction with the public security organs of seven provinces and cities, including Beijing, Fujian, Jiangsu and Guangdong, successfully cracked the country's first cross provincial and municipal infringement case of pirated high-tech engineering control software, destroyed 10 dens for manufacturing and selling pirated engineering control software, arrested 16 suspect, and seized more than 7000 sets of pirated international famous brand industrial control software, involving more than 500 million yuan

the chain of production, supply and marketing crimes emerged

in January this year, the Economic Investigation Detachment of Jiading Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau received a response from the enterprise when visiting the industry associations within its jurisdiction. Many customers complained that an industrial control software produced by the enterprise was slow to respond when used, and even the system crashed. The enterprise quickly verified the copyright of the customer's software and found that it was pirated software without the authorization of the enterprise

the investigation found that this pirated software was mainly traded through a well-known domestic business station. Sun Qianren, chief inspector of the Economic Investigation Detachment of Jiading public security branch, said

sun Qianren found that 11 stores were selling pirated software lower than the price of genuine software. The price of a set of genuine software ranged from 50000 yuan to 110000 yuan, while the price of pirated software was only 1.8% to 4% of the price of genuine software

on the one hand, we will work with the infringed company to start with the pirated software, conduct technical analysis of the pirated software, and find flaws; On the other hand, we found omissions from the store. Sun Qianren said that after the investigators' deep excavation layer by layer, a criminal network covering the production and marketing of pirated industrial control software gradually surfaced

11 pirated software stores point to 7 provinces and cities across the country. One of the important sources of counterfeiting is Fuzhou, Fujian Province. At this time, Liu came into the sight of the police

earn 800000 extra money by cracking software

welcome to the cheap and good industrial control cabin. Liu wrote in his Taobao store

it turned out that Liu had cracked a genuine industrial control software and made it into pirated software for sale. Originally, the software with the highest sales of 110000 yuan was sold by Liu for only 1600 yuan

Liu graduated from a famous school in Beijing, majoring in automation. Now he is the project manager of the Engineering Department of a well-known enterprise. Liu often comes into contact with industrial control software like this in his work. He described that this software is like a Windows desktop when used, and its function is to display a series of parameters of the automated machine using the software

Liu first came into contact with the cracking method in the forum in 2006. Three years later, Liu cracked this software. When a friend heard about it, he asked Liu for it and said he would pay some fees. At first, Liu just thought that selling cracked software to others might be illegal, but he didn't think it was illegal

in fact, the cracking method is not complicated, but many customers buy my pirated software mainly because they value my follow-up services. Liu told that this kind of industrial control software is not used immediately, and its use demand is also considerable in the industry. It requires secondary development on different projects to make shoes more fit. Many people buy Liu's pirated software on, which is exactly what they like. As a result, Liu's business has become more and more open, and fake software has been sold to Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places where the console operates all parts of the action

according to Shi Quanhua, the chief inspector of the third brigade of the Economic Investigation Detachment of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau, Liu bought CDs, encryption locks, data connectors and other accessories from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, took a unit house in a community in Taijiang District of Fuzhou as a counterfeiting dens, entrusted a printing company in Fuzhou to carry out outer packaging, and manufactured a large number of counterfeit industrial control software of international famous brands

on March 27 this year, the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau, which came along the line, destroyed Liu's dens for counterfeiting and sales, arrested Liu and other four suspect, seized 3643 sets of counterfeit industrial control software, 552 new and old encryption locks, 1020 labels, and preliminarily counted the amount involved in the case at about 280million yuan. According to the more than 1000 sales records, logistics documents and other evidence found at the scene, Liu earned more than 800000 yuan in extra cash

there are hidden dangers in the functions of pirated software

according to Liu, pirated software is widely used in the automation engineering industry

according to the survey, most of the people who buy software know and buy fake ones: one is the salesperson who is entrusted by the company to purchase industrial control software. They buy fake software, and then reimburse it at the genuine price to obtain the price difference; One is the enterprise undertaking the project; The other is that enterprises know it is fake but buy it for research. Sun Qianren said

Mr. Shen, the head of the project team of an enterprise in Shanghai, is in charge of a steel furnace project. Industrial control software is needed for steel furnace control, but a large steel-making group of Party A of the project, on the one hand, keeps the price down, on the other hand, it does not care about the software quality. According to a very low budget, the project team bought pirated software

in fact, most software end users are unaware of it. Sun Qianren said that an engineer in Shanghai bought two sets of pirated industrial control software at 2400 yuan per set to be used in a bridge project, but he reimbursed the company at 17000 yuan per set, which is more expensive than the genuine software

the hidden danger of using pirated software has always existed. Liu told that his cracking was not perfect, and the advanced functions of many software were not available. For example, when the production line failed, the software's SMS alarm function could not be used. Shen also admitted that pirated software is not stable and may crash

for the above steel furnace projects, if the software system crashes, it may cause high-temperature molten steel stagnation and bring great harm. Sun Qianren said

it is reported that this industrial control software is mainly used in industry and infrastructure. These projects almost involve public safety. Once there is a problem, the consequences will be unimaginable

sun Qianren revealed that one week after the action, the pirated software involved in the case had been stopped by enterprises

Xu Qin, deputy leader of the fourth detachment of the Economic Investigation Corps of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, said that according to China's criminal law, the term of imprisonment for crimes of infringement of intellectual property rights is generally less than 7 years, and there are many cases where probation is applicable. The low cost of the crime makes such crimes more repeatable, and many lawbreakers resume their old businesses. Therefore, the Shanghai police have established a blacklist to record the criminals with criminal records and reduce the recurrence

according to legitimate software manufacturers, industrial control software is never sold on the Internet, but sold in physical stores through agents. Xu Qin suggested that intellectual property rights holders should strengthen supervision and publicity, cooperate with Internet enterprises appropriately in fiscal 2017, increase the recognition of genuine software, and eliminate infringement in the Internet to the greatest extent

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