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JPMorgan Chase and other bank employees can use iPhone to send e-mail

in Beijing, because the waterproof layer thickness of polyurethane waterproof coating is required to be 1 point thicker than that of polymer cement-based waterproof coating, JPMorgan Chase will allow employees to use iPhone to send corporate e-mail after amplification. Before that, it only supported employees to use BlackBerry

according to sources, JPMorgan Chase is testing Apple devices and Android Software. JPMorgan Chase is the second company with assets in the United States, with 220000 employees worldwide

UBS AG, the largest bank in Switzerland, also said that in particular, uneven distribution is considering allowing employees to use iPhone for corporate communications. UBS has 63000 employees

for a long time, enterprises have been the headquarters of RIM BlackBerry, but now Andriod and apple are invading on a large scale. Standard Chartered Bank began to support iPhone in May

Pierre ferragu, an analyst at Bernstein, an American investment bank, said, "this phenomenon is very new, and we expect it to put pressure on rim's performance. Rim is not the only option in providing email to employees."

security testing is not limited to banks. A spokesman for pioneer group, the largest bond, fund and stock supplier in the United States, said that 300 employees have participated in the iphoen test and will be allowed to use the equipment throughout the company. Later this year, JPMorgan will test the safety of hundreds of devices. However, JPMorgan Chase will not buy for employees

ubs spokesman said that it would not use iPhone to replace blackberry, but UBS is testing the possibility of allowing other users to access UBS email system, "Wang Wanjie said. Sohu it

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