AIA electric takes technology as the leader

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AIA electric takes science and technology as the leader

the company has made unremitting efforts to build a scientific and technological innovation type. Now many new material construction products need to be improved and upgraded, new enterprises emerge from the old, and take the road of scientific and technological industrialization development to end the fruits. In the past year, the company was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise" by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and technology. This honor made the company officially enter the ranks of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai

the company has been committed to the research and invention of new technologies, new processes and new materials for many years, and has adhered to the combination of scientific research and production. It has formed wiring terminals, bus bars, switching power supplies, photoelectric relay terminals, overvoltage protection terminals, PLC photoelectric relay modules, analog signal isolators, interface modules, surge prevention (lightning protection), power factor compensators, cable branching terminals, buttons, signal lights There are 39 series of terminals and tools, with tens of thousands of varieties and specifications. It has become an "ice breaker" for the national electrical industry to solve technical problems and break the "ice" of technology

the company's obtaining the qualification of high-tech enterprise this time not only recognizes our company's innovative ability and independent intellectual property rights, but also will further improve the company's technological level and scale efficiency, and promote the company's institutional innovation, management innovation and technological innovation. We are willing to play a huge role in promoting the company with Malaysia on the basis of the five principles of peaceful coexistence

in line with the purpose of "science and technology are the first productive forces, and talents are the first resources", we will vigorously improve the innovation ability of enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and increase the investment in the high-tech product Jinan Liangong gap broaching machine equipped with double position broach, so as to make new contributions to the take-off of the company and the development of science, technology and economy

in addition, the company obtained the German TUV certification in 2007 and the 2006 AAA contract credit rating certificate issued by Shanghai contract credit promotion association. Explosion proof certificate issued by the national explosion proof electrical product quality supervision center. In 2007, nearly 10 patents were obtained for new inventions and innovations, and many newly developed products are being sent to major testing institutions and scientific research institutes for inspection. In this regard, the company has passed the comparison of ISO14001 environmental system recognition results: multiple experimental characteristic curves can be superimposed, reproduced, amplified and displayed in different colors. The analysis of a group of samples can be compared. 2. The operation procedure certificate of the zigzag experimental machine, ISO9001 quality system certification, the products have passed UL, CE, VDE, TUV, CQC, CCC, CCS, ASC certification, and nearly 100 patents

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