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AVIC and the Netherlands Aerospace Academy signed a memorandum of cooperation on long-term R & D cooperation with the Netherlands Aerospace Academy and the Netherlands wind tunnel respectively at the Paris air show on June 21, 2011

according to the requirements of the memorandum of cooperation, all partners will work together for existing and future R & D projects, while strengthening the relationship between research projects between China and Europe to achieve new breakthroughs. The theme of this cooperation is a perfect fit with the complementary scientific and technological advantages of China and the EU. The areas of cooperation include: aerodynamics, aircraft design and testing, advanced composite materials, airworthiness and no change in performance compared with poly (4 fluoroethylene), avionics and air traffic management

the memorandum of understanding was signed by Zhang Xinguo, President of the China Academy of Aeronautics, Mr. Michel Peters, President of the Netherlands Aerospace Academy, and Georg eitelberg, President of the German Dutch wind tunnel

China Academy of Aeronautics, founded in 1960, is a National Aeronautical Research Institution under AVIC. It is composed of 36 research institutions and centers, with more than 10000 researchers. It is mainly engaged in basic research of Aeronautical Science and technology to product development, and promotes the improvement of the scientific and technological level and overall competitiveness of China's aviation industry through the research and development of high-tech aviation technology with the impact of film and television observation samples, It is a scientific research institution authorized by the state to engage in international cooperation in aviation science and technology under the framework of intergovernmental scientific and technological cooperation, and cooperates with domestic and foreign universities and international aviation scientific research 1 Industry 4.0 advanced technology institutions such as the Netherlands Aerospace Institute and Germany not; not;— The Netherlands wind tunnel and other countries have close cooperation

the Netherlands Aerospace Academy is a non-profit organization engaged in Aerospace Science and technology research and development in the Netherlands. Founded in 1919, it has rich experience in Aerospace Science and technology research and development, and provides support and creative solutions for the Dutch aerospace industry and the government in all aspects of aircraft design, use and air traffic management. The Dutch Aerospace Institute works closely with most aircraft manufacturers around the world and is interested in further expanding its global partnership

German Dutch wind tunnel, jointly established and owned by the German Aerospace Academy and the Dutch Aerospace Academy, is a world-renowned wind tunnel group operator with world-class wind tunnel measurement technology. Most aircraft manufacturers fully trust the capabilities of the German Dutch wind tunnel group and test and analyze the company's latest aircraft design model in the wind tunnel group. The German Dutch wind tunnel has long been a reliable partner in many Chinese civil aviation cooperation projects

professor zhangxinguo, President of China Academy of Aeronautics and executive vice president of AVIC, said, "China's civil aviation industry has experienced and will continue to maintain a double-digit growth rate, while presenting huge market opportunities. On the other hand, the world's increasing attention to Green Aviation poses new challenges to research and innovation. The signing of this memorandum of understanding, as part of the follow-up of a high-level delegation headed by AVIC President Lin Zuoming's visit to European research institutions in March, will greatly promote China Europe aviation Scientific and technological cooperation

Michelle Chairman Peters said, "the aerospace research community is a global community. Our Chinese friends play an increasingly important role in the globalized aerospace industry. Future research and development plans will not be limited to the borders of a country or a continent. The Netherlands Aerospace Academy works closely with aircraft manufacturers and operators and government agencies to work together and provide creative solutions."

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