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Baccalais won the renovation project contract of Veltins brewery fermentation area and cellar

with the APROL system, baccalais won the renovation project contract of Veltins brewery fermentation area and cellar. With the signing of the multi million euro contract, baccalais has taken another important step in the brewing industry. Veltins hopes to find a truly powerful supplier in the brewing automation industry, that is, what Veltins needs is a supplier with the will to develop, a certain scale and a certain market share to help them occupy a larger market share. The price of 4.35v lithium cobalt oxide has risen to 260000 yuan/ton

for any project participation (the famous actemium group in the world of high-end refining and engineering plastics is also involved), one of the important challenges in the project is the countless interface problems connected with the adjacent brewing area, because this project is the initial stage of the whole transformation project, and many new standards need to be set, The original automation structure (a hodgepodge of different process control systems and control components more than a decade ago) should be replaced by the software and hardware of baccalais. The project is scheduled to be completed in mid-2007, and the factory can still operate normally during the implementation process

the batch tracking requirement proposed in 2004 has received special attention in the brewing transformation project. In the future, Veltins will adopt APROL system to realize automatic advanced batch management of data

"we regard this as a milestone for us to enter a new industry - the brewing industry", said Mr. Stefan Lau, sales manager of process control in Germany, "Together with Veltins and our system partners, we hope to continue to follow this development direction and finally make achievements in this industry. Germany has 9005 gold tool torque detection equipment for the change strength test of all kinds of wrenches, and can also carry out the torsional strength test of all kinds of parts and wrenches. Adding corresponding accessories can also carry out the torsional strength test of parts and components. There are many wineries, but only about 350 of them are Cheng Scale, they will also carry out project transformation in the near future. From this point of view, Veltins can be regarded as a technology pioneer, and no better customer than Veltins can accompany us through the starting road of setting foot in a new field. "

aprol is a Linux based process control system of baccalais, which provides a complete scheme from terminal strip to display system. The tested macro library and the high availability of series components ensure the highest flexibility

aprol process control system software ensures the complete communication between complex control processes and a single automation station, completes process display and alarm processing on the user interface of the control room, and all process management is centrally controlled in the control room. At the same time, it can also collect, evaluate and seamlessly save process data. Caemanager (fully integrated engineering tool) ensures that 1.3 adopts precision electro-hydraulic servo proportional valve group control technology, and multiple engineers work synchronously on the same project. The configuration and programming of the whole plant adopt one tool

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