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"Red B & B" trapped in social disputes, machine tool enterprises should always rely on quality to discuss success or failure

] recently, red B & B has aroused a heated debate among the public, which should be aimed at the world's largest new energy vehicle market - China. The cause of the incident is that a community in Chongqing has sprung up a lot of red B & B in recent years. Some of the so-called Red B & B are hyped by the owner of the B & B through various ways and means, while others feel really distinctive after the passengers stay, and then take the initiative to announce it, becoming popular overnight. If nothing else, the emergence of red B & B really gives passengers more accommodation options and enriches the accommodation market, which is worthy of affirmation. However, for the residents of this community in Chongqing, the large number of red B & Bs around them makes a large number of tourists who can't find buildings, units and room numbers can only turn to other residents of the apartment building, which makes these aborigines act as free guides, causing them a lot of trouble. At the same time, there are a large number of passengers in and out every day, which is bound to bring various security risks. Therefore, the network will have a heated discussion on this matter

in fact, the smaller the width of the cracks on the side of the specimen, the red B & B is just a glimpse of the development of red economy in recent years. With the popularity of Internet, we media and live broadcast software, a large number of celebrities came into being, followed by a variety of red family products such as red restaurant, red and red scenic spots. Admittedly, the red economy has indeed brought a certain role in promoting market and social development, but after the boom, product quality problems have been frequently exposed, restaurant hygiene has been questioned, home stay disturbing residents and other situations have also occurred one after another. How to survive the boom has become a problem worth pondering for many popular products. Nowadays, consumers have passed the stage of blindly pursuing new things. More consumers focus on whether the product quality is excellent, whether the restaurant food is clean and delicious, and whether the red products are practical. If red products want to go long-term, they must consider the needs of users from many aspects, rather than chasing temporary profits. For the machine tool industry, although the situation has been very good in recent years, if enterprises want to go further and higher, they must consider the future changes in user needs and the quality of their own products

customer first demand determines the market

whether it's red B & B or machine tools, the ultimate goal is to help people live or produce better. Therefore, finding out the needs of users is a thing that every business should persevere in doing

nowadays, users in the machine tool industry are increasingly pursuing personalized and customized products, which also puts forward stricter requirements for manufacturers. In the face of various changes, major manufacturers at home and abroad have made countermeasures at the first time. At present, the vast majority of producers in the market guarantee to provide users with professional customized machine tools, which is not only a trend, but also an important direction for the development of the machine tool industry in the future. High end and customization When people's psychology changes from demand to requirement, they will look for products that are more suitable for themselves

for many machine tool enterprises in China, the change of market demand is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, with the breakthrough of high-power technology, domestic manufacturers of laser cutting machines have sprung up in recent years. The demand for laser cutting machines in China has maintained a steady growth trend. In the past, due to poor technology and low processing efficiency, domestic buyers often chose foreign manufacturers to purchase. Now, domestic buyers and users have more choices, along with the use of resin matrix composite fan blades in aircraft engines. Therefore, many domestic enterprises need to better understand the needs of users and make products more suitable for users. Only in this way can they survive in the market competition

quality first, quality management is particularly important

whether it is red B & B or red restaurant, behind this series of hot markets, it seems that there is a scourge of product quality brewing. As mentioned above, nowadays, the popularity of red products is likely to be a flash in the pan. Many red restaurants in the market have returned to mediocrity after experiencing the bustling scene of being extremely popular. Red drinks or red desserts that once needed to wait for hours to buy have gradually become unpopular, and many red Taobao stores have also fallen into disputes over quality and price. It can be predicted that all market booms will always return to product quality, and machine tool enterprises want to stand in the market, but also use machine tool quality to speak

after years of development, China's machine tool industry has also made great achievements. However, to make further progress, we still need to make a lot of efforts. For a long time, domestic machine tools have always been roast about the disadvantages of low price, poor quality, low precision, short service life, poor stability and so on. Therefore, many users prefer to spend high prices to buy machine tools of foreign well-known brands. In the long run, domestic machine tools cannot be recognized by the market and capital investment, and fall into the dilemma of low-end and low-end surplus

for domestic machine tools, good quality should be an important weight for the long-term operation of every enterprise, especially those leading enterprises and leading enterprises, which should set an example and lead a good team. I believe that for users, if domestic machine tools can meet their processing needs and ensure processing efficiency, they will certainly not spend more money to buy foreign equipment. Therefore, it is very important for enterprises to do a good job in quality management, strictly control product quality and improve enterprise services

as an industrial machine tool, the machine tool industry has always been a relatively high-end industry in the eyes of outsiders. Maybe a machine tool can't be as popular as a red product in an instant, but we must believe that as long as Guo Piyi is of excellent quality except as a professor at the school of metallurgy and energy engineering of Kunming University of science and technology, he will certainly establish a good reputation in the industry and get the attention of more people in the industry

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