How to embrace the blue ocean of emergency lightin

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How to embrace the blue ocean of emergency lighting market

in ancient times, when it was dark, there were basically no other recreational activities except sleeping. Now, most people are more excited at night, because they never have to worry about it. Even if there is a sudden power failure, there is another thing called emergency lighting

emergency lighting is an important safety facility in modern public buildings and industrial buildings, which is closely related to personal safety and building safety. In case of fire or other disasters in the building and power interruption, emergency lighting plays an important role in personnel evacuation, fire rescue work, and the continuous operation of important production and work or necessary operation and disposal

China's emergency lighting industry is booming, but there are also some problems. On the one hand, when the technology cannot complete the breakthrough change, the personalized demand for emergency lighting is strong, and the technical threshold is high. For example, in factories, mines, chemical plants, shopping malls, gas stations, stages and other places, the general plan of each country for the next five years determines the development direction of China's national economy. All different emergency lighting needs of each field. Moreover, like gas stations, the requirements of the South and the north are different. The temperature in the north is low in winter, and the requirements for temperature adaptability and reliability lights are quite high

on the other hand, the lack of standards is also a major difficulty for the industry, which is a social problem in the future. The emergency power supply belongs to the jurisdiction of the fire department to a greater extent, and its corresponding standards are also formulated by the fire department, and the relevant tests are also carried out by its subordinate institutions, which leads to the relevant tests need to go through more procedures and processes

at present, the world economy is improving, and the emergency lighting market is no exception. It is urgent to solve the problems of the emergency lighting industry

first of all, emergency lighting enterprises should increase research and development efforts, enhance technological innovation capabilities, and meet the personalized needs of emergency lighting. In the era of diversification and intelligence, the power of technology and innovation has a more and more profound impact on all levels of emergency lighting

secondly, special attention should be paid to safety. At present, there are many kinds of emergency power supply in the market. Although some of them are very close to the standard in function, they are very simplified in the actual circuit materials, and the safety is not done enough. In fact, the products with high safety can gain greater advantages

finally, design and produce according to existing standards, and select high-quality materials to ensure RTI 155 ℃ UL yellow card certification requires very high quality of materials for high-temperature performance and long-term thermal stability. Although the lack of standards is a big problem, it should not become an obstacle to development. Excellent product quality, even without relevant certification, can win the future

in recent years, China is vigorously building smart cities. The main purpose of the existence of smart cities is to improve the quality of life of urban residents. As an important embodiment of smart cities, power security and fire emergency capabilities have gradually attracted people's attention, and emergency lighting has also ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. It's up to you to seize the opportunity

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