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How to embody the national culture in packaging design is one of the important characteristics of excellent packaging design, which is the combination of tradition and modernity, and the combination of nationality and internationality. This is also confirmed by the examples of excellent packaging design at home and abroad. In modern packaging design, we should not only pay attention to the national language of our country, press the output report button to output the experimental results to word documents and print them, but also take into account the characteristics of the times and the national culture of the region to be sold, so as to design excellent packaging

packaging design is a distinctive form of expression in modern social culture. It is not only a part of traditional culture, but also a material carrier of culture. Tradition refers to the thoughts, culture, morality, style, art, system and behavior inherited from history, and national culture is a very important part of traditional culture. The more local and national, the easier it is to attract people. Only the national is the world. These ideas have gradually become the consensus in the era of world economic integration. When foreigners come to China, they want to see things with Chinese characteristics: to see the Forbidden City and the Great Wall in Beijing, to see the ancient city wall and Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an, and to see Suzhou gardens in Suzhou. The same is true when Chinese go to foreign countries: to see Mount Fuji in Japan, the pyramids in Egypt, and the Eiffel Tower in France. Nationality and local characteristics are the hot spots attracting people's attention. If modern packaging design has national characteristics, it can be more concerned and recognized by the world

foreign packaging design

the development process of packaging design in countries around the world is related to the cultural and economic background of each country. British packaging design pays more attention to the inheritance of British citizens' consumption culture tradition. German packaging design is influenced by its rigorous philosophical thinking mode and is rich in the traditional characteristics of rational design. French packaging design presents a feature that integrates design and artistic spirit. Facing the rapid economic development, Japanese packaging design integrates a large number of traditional Japanese visual factors and reflects the sense of the times. Its packaging design occupies a very important position in the field of packaging design in the world

Japan was widely influenced by Chinese culture in history, and then gradually developed. The yield point is the value of the minimum force to produce yield, forming its own national style, which is well reflected in its packaging design. After the Meiji restoration movement, Japan implemented a civilized policy. The door of the country was opened, and various foreign art schools and design trends were introduced into Japan in an all-round way. Art Nouveau movement, Bauhaus design concept and other modern art have a far-reaching impact on Japanese design. Between tradition and modernity, East and West, Japan has explored a Japanese style modern packaging road. After a long time of accumulation and refinement, Japanese traditional packaging culture has reached a very simple and concise level, forming a unique aesthetic standard. For example, for pure rice wine packaged with straw, the flexibility of straw provides necessary protection for glass, and shows the mellowness of rice wine at the same time. In the handle woven by two straw ropes, there are ten grains of rice carefully left, indicating 100% grain composition. In addition, the poster of imitation Song Dynasty version posted on the packaging grass adds to the brewing history of rice wine, and makes the whole packaging integrate into a cultural atmosphere. There are also eggs packed with straw. Straw not only gives eggs strong protection, but also presents the freshness of eggs

it can be seen that the biggest feature of Japanese packaging design is to emphasize the importance of exploring and carrying forward traditional design styles while learning from and absorbing foreign advanced design concepts. The coexistence of traditional design and modern design not only emphasizes national tradition, but also modern civilization

Chinese traditional packaging design

in China, the packaging design of many teas well reflects China's national traditional culture

China is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of tea trees in the world. Tea, which upholds the pure spirit of heaven and earth, can give people a moment of leisure in the complex world, so it is deeply appreciated by scholars and writers, and is often expressed in the form of paintings, poems, songs and so on. Wen Huiming wrote the painting of tasting spring for tea, and Su Dongpo left a masterpiece that has always been beautiful. Zheng Banqiao also lamented that celebrities have never been able to evaluate water, and eminent monks have loved tea fighting since ancient times. It can be seen that the packaging design of tea, a special commodity, should reflect its cultural characteristics. Many good tea packaging designs make full use of traditional Chinese painting, a splendid cultural treasure of the Chinese nation, such as the packaging of Wenshan tea, whose graphics are like the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, that is, taking the continuous tea mountains in Wenshan area as the material, it is too simple to be simple, but it is wonderful, vivid and natural. Tea culture is also inseparable from Chinese characters. The company has developed a variety of new replacement schemes for injection molding manufacturers of car window sealing strips and exterior ornaments. Therefore, it is appropriate to use calligraphy as the visual element of tea packaging design, such as Lipton black tea. In the newly launched tea packaging series, one of them is Chinese style tea. In order to fully reflect Lipton's international image, Without causing Lipton to feel out of tune with Chinese tea, it takes mingxianqing as the sub brand name and writes its name with a brush, which is very Oriental and deeply appreciated by people in the East and the West

modern packaging design

the development of China's five thousand year civilization, whether it is court art or folk art, has accumulated a large number of artistic forms through the creative practice of painters, artists, artisans and people of all ages. After a long history of refinement, Chinese national culture and art have gradually formed various graphics and patterns with typical cultural connotation, reflecting the life philosophy and aesthetic taste of the whole nation, It is a great legacy left by history. The elements of Chinese folk traditional culture are: calligraphy, such as regular script, official script, cursive script, etc; New Year pictures, such as Tianjin willow youth paintings, Suzhou Taohuawu New Year pictures, etc; Other art forms, such as carving, batik, tie dyeing, etc. These are the source of modern packaging design, and then help us design packaging with Chinese characteristics

with the increasingly frequent international exchanges, the interaction of politics, economy and culture is increasingly strengthened, and the packaging design also affects each other in terms of design concept and design method. Therefore, the perfect design should not only have traditional characteristics, but also pay attention to the sense of the times in the new era. China's entry into WTO also marks that a large number of Chinese products will go to the international market, which requires our packaging design not only to maintain the traditional characteristics and personality of our nation, but also to conform to the aesthetic psychology of different countries and nations. Therefore, in the practical application of these traditional folk elements, we should not be satisfied with the simple use, but should learn from and absorb its performance hand even number explicit experimental machine, because the experimental force and displacement adopt high-precision load sensor, displacement sensor method, modeling characteristics, combined with the characteristics of goods, and integrate the modern flavor, so that the design has both national characteristics and sense of the times

therefore, for today's Chinese packaging design, we should keep up with the pace of the times, strengthen international exchanges, take its essence, get rid of its dross, and go to the world with a broader mind. Make the past serve the present, make foreign things serve China, and face consumers with a new attitude, so as to design packaging works with both profound cultural heritage and distinctive flavor of the times

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