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Global retail conference: how to embrace Omni channel

the most difficult part of Omni channel strategic transformation is to establish a sense of urgency for change and transformation from the board of directors to management and employees. The key to implementation, we suggest the following three points:

the first thing is to return to the retail spirit and hybridize with the Internet spirit. The so-called retail spirit is to find out who the customers are? Where are the customers? What do they want to buy? What are they talking about

the second is to change the concept of business district. Internet is no longer a virtual world. It is a street full of consumer breath and voice. It is a popular and new retail business district. Here, each sample is damaged by groups of living consumers. Social networks are accelerating their penetration from individuals to organizations, making it the first time that human beings have realized large-scale and organized gathering of objects and grouping of people. Without the idea of establishing an Internet Business District, it is impossible to establish a real Omni channel retail strategy to carry out technology more effectively

the third is to establish an organization centered on the consumer demand chain and find teams that can love this and then influence value. The key to the implementation of the omni channel retail strategy is to put the professional retail team on the online retail business, and integrate the online and offline backstage services through the retail experience and retail spirit of professionals, sometimes known as yield strength and resources

at present, when traditional brands and retailers carry out e-commerce, most of the heads or teams of their stores come from the IT department, which is like a retailer opening a store, but the store manager in charge of the operation is the contractor head of the engineering team. Traditional brands and retailers should learn from Wal Mart and Suning, and use the gold medal retail management team to take charge of the online retail business. According to the spirit and laws of the retail industry, aiming at the online target consumer groups, and taking the demand chain as the core, they should systematically sort out and plan the categories, prices, promotion methods, supply chain management, B2C logistics and distribution of online products

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