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How to enhance the comprehensive quality of the examiners in Vocational College skill appraisal at present, the examiners engaged in vocational skill appraisal in vocational colleges have implemented the qualification certificate system, and the speed of completing experiments has been adjusted in a wide range to work with certificates. In the management and use of examiners, we should advocate taking students as the wood and constantly improve the comprehensive quality of examiners

1 training and assessment of examiners

the relevant national departments have clearly mentioned the requirements of public knowledge and professional skills in the assessment of the qualifications of examiners. The assessment contents of professional skills requirements are:

(1) formulate an appraisal plan

(2) prepare identification test paper

(3) participate in appraisal practice

according to the analysis of the training, examination and certificate replacement education of evaluators in recent years, there is a trend to relax the requirements and reduce the "threshold", especially in terms of professional skills, and even cancel the key content of preparing appraisal papers. With reference to the contents of the curriculum arrangement of the training course for technical assessors of the national question bank operation skill test bank application of six occupations (types of work) skill appraisal, such as Fujian auto workers, and on the basis of learning the relevant laws, regulations, and normative documents of skill appraisal, the training assessment and certificate renewal education suggestions of the assessors should include the contents of Table 1

in terms of training time, in addition to appraisal practice, it should be guaranteed to last more than 3 days. The appraisal practice of face-to-face forensics personnel is arranged by the appraisal station (Institute) or guidance center of the unit where the forensics personnel work, and the opinions on the internship results are provided to ensure that the forensics personnel participate in a round of practical exercises in the appraisal process

2 improve the awareness of appraisers

the work of appraisers 4. Building foundation is the core activity of vocational skill appraisal, and appraisers are one of the most important elements in vocational skill appraisal activities. The evaluation practice shows that the following problems are easy to be ignored in specific work and should be paid attention to:

(1) before the evaluation, the examination paper analysis should be carried out, focusing on the analysis of the notice, the end of the examination paper and the scoring record sheet. Analyze whether the content of the test paper or the test question meets the content (module) requirements in the structure table, and also analyze whether the notice, the end of the test paper and the scoring record table correspond to each other. Process analysis should be carried out for skill examination. At the same time, the assessors should carry out appropriate division of labor. The theoretical examination requires no less than 2 people, and the operational examination requires no less than 3 people

(2) before the assessment, the physical conditions of the site, tools, appliances and so on should be checked, with emphasis on the inspection of the complete parts and safety characteristics according to the assessment preparation notice. If there are omissions, inform the identification station (Institute) to supplement when the dimensional stability of the formed products is poor

(overcurrent multiple protection device 3) during the examination, patrol inspection should be carried out according to the requirements of the on-site examination, but the candidates cannot be guided. They can only emphasize the compliance with the safety rules, and the hidden dangers should be eliminated in time if they are found. Pay attention to remind candidates not to violate rules, and carefully observe the assessment steps and make records

(4) implement the relatives' call and avoid system

(5) strictly evaluate the score, and do not judge the transition score

(6) after the evaluation, the evaluation team leader is required to submit the evaluation report in time

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