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How to embody the noble temperament of glass bottle packaging (II)

fashion packaging

isseymiyake BPI's men's Eau De Toilette isseycollector is packaged in an oval glass bottle, which has a round front panel and a flat and narrow side. The decorative feature on the new packaging bottle is a unique enamel vitrification laser technology of Saint gobaindesjonqu res. Its design is inspired by the reflection on the lake in winter. The concentric lines on the vitrified Silver Enamel reflect the outward expansion of the surface ripple. This visual effect, combined with the unique rough/smooth touch of the bottle, adds an elegant feeling and enhances the influence of the material

Terred herm s of

herm s is also decorated by Saint gobaindesjonqu res. its feature is an impressive rectangular design on a large piece of glass with a wide flat panel. The orange silk printed word terred herm s is decorated on the front of the bottle and highlights the H engraved into the base of the bottle in herm s. Lotion and aftershave bottles are made of frosted glass

the American Glass Packaging Association also believes that another trend of glass decoration is to extend the brand through color. For example, Estee Lauder's DKNY sbedelicious was originally launched in a light green glass bottle. In line with last year's Valentine's day and father's Day promotions, Estee Lauder has reintroduced red and amber glass bottles. RALPHLAUREN's polocologne also hopes to build brand equity through its Polo signed green packaging bottle. It launched a dark blue bottle under the name of Polo Blue and defined it as a Cologne Perfume for men with casual and elegant style

saint gobaindesjonqueres also decorated kenzoamour from kenzolvmh

different sizes of packages of this series of products have different colors: purplish red (30ml), off white (50ml) and orange (100ml). The four layers of paint are designed to have a completely opaque effect, and the last layer also produces an attractive irregular texture called effetdevie

the shape of this bottle implies a bird, symbolizing the romantic fragrance and the concept of tourism. It has a round base

saint Gobain also decorated Nina from ninaricci with glass packaging. This apple shaped bottle features a slightly sunken neck with a silver leaf ring. On the whole, the range of a single set of devices reaches 5000 tons/year, and the paint process gives this apple package a purple/Pink tone. The second layer of partial random coating adds a girlish blush effect to the packaging

packaging design of cosmetics and skin care products is often brought into other industries. As the cosmetics industry is the leader of high-end glass packaging design, the alcohol industry will follow their leadership by adopting special molds for cosmetics and using them to launch high-end alcohol. But now, we can also see that the cosmetics industry has begun to learn from other industries

problems behind the surface

although glass, as an attractive packaging material, can give products a quality information that other types of materials cannot convey, there are still some difficulties in packaging cosmetics with glass. For example, adhesion and wear resistance, especially for perfume packaging. The inconsistency of the glass surface will also cause problems. Some experts also pointed out that the surface of all glass is very uneven, and because glass is often more expensive and the pump in the hydraulic system, scratching is a problem that the surface in contact with the sample adopts sticky soft rubber, and special packaging is needed to avoid wear. In addition, glass is also very expensive, so the transportation cost is also very high

ink and more effective new application technologies that have just entered the market will enable packaging developers and marketers to bring glass packaging to a new level since March this year. Some experts also believe that the four-color process using UV curing ink, innovative spraying technology and coating, and the wider application of multiple processes are the future trends, and servo driven printing and labeling technology will fully automate the decoration around the shape of the container

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