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Emerson Electric signed contracts with two Chinese operators in Washington. The Chinese government economic and trade delegation led by Chinese Commerce Minister chendeming recently signed a number of contracts with a total value of US $10.6 billion in Washington. Among them, the middle nylon plastic injection parts are 50% less than the single-layer steel sheet stamping parts; 30% to 40% less than that of aluminum alloy die castings. China Mobile and Chinatelecom have signed procurement contracts with Emerson India, which will be the fastest-growing National Electric in the world

as a leader in the field of integrated technology and technology engineering, Emerson Electric has made great progress in its business in China in recent years. With its own advantages in technology, products and services, Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd. has carried out in-depth cooperation with major operators by taking advantage of the great development of China's communication industry and the full spread of 3G network, It has become the mainstream supplier of non-metallic impact testing machine network energy system for operators. This time, China Mobile and Chinatelecom signed a contract with Emerson along with the delegation, which undoubtedly opened a Xintiandi for further cooperation between the two sides

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