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Emerson CT participated in the fourth national air cooling unit technology exchange Seminar on September 14, the fourth national air cooling unit technology seminar was held in Yinchuan. It was a technology exchange seminar sponsored by the science and technology service center of China Electricity Council and the national generator unit Technology Cooperation Association, CO organized by Huadian Lingwu power generation Co., Ltd. and sponsored by Emerson CT. There were about 200 participants, mainly from the leaders of power generation groups, power generation enterprises and relevant units, as well as the technical personnel of air cooling; Leaders and technicians of Electric Power Planning Institute, design institute and Electric Power Research Institute; Professionals from universities and research institutions, as well as technicians engaged in R & D and manufacturing enterprises of air cooling equipment (Technology) for reducing lubrication

the air cooling conference lasted two days. The theme of the conference was "summarizing experience, innovating technology, scientific development, and promoting the progress of air cooling technology". We had extensive exchanges on how to better solve the common problems existing in the production and operation of air cooling units, improve the safety, economy and reliability of air cooling unit operation, and promote the innovation of air cooling technology

during the conference, Emerson CT, a supplier of technical solutions in the air cooling industry, specially set up a booth to show the publicity materials of Emerson CT's EV series, SP series and other products, so as to make everyone better understand the application of variable frequency drives, servo and temperature controllers in the air cooling industry and the remarkable results they will bring to the industry, so as to facilitate the participants' visit and technical exchange, And timely solved the application problems for the visitors

through the two-day technical exchange, the participants had a further understanding of Emerson CT products, laying a solid foundation for Emerson CT to make greater contributions to the air cooling industry

about Emerson Industrial automation

Emerson Industrial automation is a business brand of Emerson company. It provides technologically advanced production solutions, including machinery, power and ultrasonic, and provides the most advanced industrial automation for a variety of industries around the world to meet the inspection of residual deformation of reinforcement joints by various quality inspection units and construction sites. The business brand has a wide range of products and systems used in production processes and equipment, including motion control systems, material connections, precision cleaning, material testing, hydraulic control valves, alternators, motors, mechanical power transmission drives and bearings. For more information, please visit www. or

about control technologies

control technologies (CT) is a subsidiary of Emerson Industrial automation. We specialize in the design, production and engineering application of drives, and provide technical support and after-sales service Our goal is to ensure that customers can reduce production costs and improve production efficiency after using CT excellent and reliable products

ct business covers the world, its production and R & D institutions are concentrated in Europe and Asia, and its drive and application centers are distributed in 50 regions in 35 countries. The drive and application center mainly provides customers with local sales, service and design technology

in China, Emerson CT (belonging to CT) has 30 offices and representative offices distributed in various provinces and cities in China, such as Shenzhen and Shanghai, and gradually prefers to further improve the manufacturing technology level and overall strength of spray free materials in Beijing. With the leading driving technology and rich experience in the industrial automation industry, Emerson CT provides complete and comprehensive supporting driving solutions, from general to high-performance DC and AC drives, servo, servo motors, PLC and touch screen products. For more information, please visit www. or

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