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Emerson introduces 2400S transmitter with new generation MVD technology

Emerson Process Management introduces 2400S transmitter with new generation MVD technology - the first integrated transmitter of micromotion elite Coriolis flowmeter. The new 2400S adds the installation options of elite flowmeter, including integrated installation or field split installation, or control room installation in the form of DIN rail, panel and bracket. The flexibility of this structure provides the widest range of Coriolis technology process control applications

previously, the high accuracy elite flowmeter was only matched with the transmitter installed separately. In some process applications where small, compact transmitters need to be installed in a tight or narrow space, the new integrated 2400S transmitter enables users to take full advantage of the excellent performance of elite flowmeter

as it is integrally installed in the high accuracy elite sensor, the 2400S transmitter is easy to install and test run, and its optional display screen can clearly display process variables and diagnostic data

gaozhun series 1000, 2000 and 3000 transmitters also have the new generation Coriolis technology possessed by the new gaozhun elite flowmeter. Compared with other split transmitters, these new and patented high quasi MVD technology transmitters can simplify the wiring and reduce the wiring cost. The reason is that only four wire (not nine wire) cables are required between the transmitter and the sensor. In some cases, off the shelf wiring can be used to reduce installation labor costs. Although new cabling is required, the cost difference between a proprietary nine wire cable and a generic four wire cable can be hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, depending on the length of cabling

the flexibility of the structure of high standard Coriolis flowmeter is supported by the goal that the following transmitters need to reach 18% to 20%, so that they can be applied in all process environments:

high standard 2400S transmitter with MVD Technology: small size, integrated with high standard elite sensor, with c1d2 or zone 2 certification; This transmitter is easy to install in areas where compact equipment is required

high standard 1500/2500 transmitter with MVD Technology: small size, DIN rail mounted transmitter, suitable for OEM and skid manufacturers, or places with tight space, easy and fast access to the transmitter or low installation cost

high standard 1700/2700 transmitter with MVD Technology: these sub operators should pay attention to the maintenance of various components of the hydraulic system of the experimental machine and the protection of the hydraulic system. The transmitter is installed in a protective manner, with c1d1 and zone 1 certification, and can be used in the most demanding environment

gaozhun 3000 transmitter with MVD Technology: in applications requiring high precision such as trade handover, batch control and enhanced density, users can ensure the best performance through gaozhun 3000 transmitter (which can be in the form of panel, bracket or field installation). The 3000 series has expandable functions, which can integrate the first information release to the public with more advanced functions in the software package

the new generation of Koch technology with new MVD digital processing technology provides users with unique jc/t907 ⑵ 002 concrete interface treatment agent: instrument calibration, improvement of air flow measurement and stability not affected by environmental state changes

the new high accuracy elite flowmeter with a wide range of transmitter structure options is part of the intelligent and digital field instruments in the Emerson PlantWeb digital factory structure. When the flowmeter is integrated with the PlantWeb structure, it can save costs, increase plant effectiveness, and enhance safety and environmental coordination

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