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Graduates majoring in electronics are easy to obtain Beijing hukou

recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of personnel cooperated with its graduates to unite as one! The manufacturing enterprises of tensile testing machines must work hard. In the industry, they announced the scope of specialties in short supply for Beijing to accept non Beijing undergraduate graduates in 2008, including 12 specialties such as computer science and technology

compared with 2007, 200 provides valuable escape time for 8 years. There is little change in the scope of majors in short supply of non Beijing undergraduate graduates. Only finance has replaced nursing. According to the regulations, the introduction of non Beijing graduates this year is limited to the graduates of ordinary colleges and universities with unified enrollment and unified division, but the increasing import of high-end products cannot be ignored. However, graduates, adult education, self-taught examinations, distance education, on-the-job training classes, correspondence classes and other students of the same educational background whose training methods are orientation or commission training are not included in the scope of introduction

in order to successfully obtain the registered permanent residence in Beijing, seven conditions for introduction are required. Including graduates with bachelor degree or above; Fresh graduates who normally participate in the employment dispatch in 2008; The acceptance of non Beijing undergraduate graduates is limited to the fresh graduates of the institutions directly under the Ministry of education, the institutions affiliated to other ministries and commissions, the institutions jointly built by the central and local governments and the local institutions included in the "211 Project"; The major of the graduates is consistent with the main business of the receiving unit, and the major of the undergraduate graduates must be within the scope of scarce majors announced by Beijing

before April 30, employers will apply through the online version of Beijing graduate employment management system

12 scarce specialties

● computer science and technology

● machinery and automation

● Electronic Science and technology

● clinical medicine

● communication and information system

● marketing

● construction engineering

● biomedicine

● chemical engineering

highway ● materials

● accounting

● Finance

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