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Emerson assisted Guangxi traffic police corps in upgrading the "information center machine room" power environment system. Since the electronic universal testing machine system is a closed-loop system, to judge which part of the system has a fault, first disconnect the loop in the system, making the system an open-loop system If the sensor signal is judged to be normal, the feedback signal of the displacement sensor must be disconnected to make the system open-loop At this time, a control actuator movement signal is sent from the workstation, and then the feedback value of the sensor is measured. After repeated several times, when the feedback data measured from the sensor is a linear change line, it is judged that the sensor is normal. Since then, Guangxi traffic police corps has always adhered to the development idea of "constantly innovating and strengthening the police through science and technology", and made efforts to enhance its law enforcement ability by using information means. Today, the whole district has realized the large concentration of public security traffic management information systems, including more than 10 systems, including motor vehicle management, driver management, road traffic accident management and road traffic violation management, which have been concentrated in the computer room of the information center of Guangxi traffic police corps

more than 50 servers, minicomputers and disk array storage devices in the computer room of the information center support the above-mentioned traffic police information management systems of more than 10 prefectures and cities. Their stable operation is very important to ensure the normal operation of the regional public security traffic management information system. However, in the actual use process, the original UPS power supply system of the system gradually presents problems such as low supportability, difficult maintenance, slightly insufficient total power supply, aging equipment, etc. At the same time, the computer room of the information center of Guangxi traffic police corps is also planned to be expanded from 150 square meters to 400 square meters. Therefore, 1) the air conditioning system with high chemical stability must also be expanded and upgraded. Based on the above reasons, Guangxi traffic police corps decided to carry out a large-scale upgrade and transformation of the power environment system

after a long and extensive examination and careful evaluation of the composition and morphology of wear products particles, Guangxi traffic police corps finally decided to introduce Emerson's dynamic environment solution. Specifically, the Guangxi traffic police corps has adopted two sets of Emerson hipulse series AC uninterruptible power supply equipment with a single unit capacity of 80KVA, and a set of 50KW air-cooled down air supply challenger cm+ series machine room precision air conditioners. Among them, the above two UPS equipment form a complete set of "80KVA single machine double bus system", that is, the two UPS synchronize the UPS system through a set of LBS load bus synchronizer (that is, keep the phase, frequency and other values of UPS load consistent during power switching) to form a double bus system to jointly provide external power energy. When one fails, the other can immediately switch the important load carried by STS through STS to maintain continuous power supply and ensure the stable operation of IT system. At the same time, Emerson energy provided 384 t2v650 ah batteries for Guangxi traffic police and deployed them in the above two UPS devices on average

in terms of system deployment, Emerson Network energy has provided comprehensive installation services for Guangxi traffic police corps, including cable laying, dual bus system construction and commissioning, dual bus system testing, etc. In terms of maintenance, Emerson Network energy company promises to provide one-year all-weather consulting service and on-site service for Guangxi traffic police corps. In other words, the technical personnel of Guangxi traffic police corps can get the technical support of Emerson energy professional technicians at any time; In case of equipment failure or technical problems that cannot be solved in, Emerson Network energy company promises to send technicians with spare parts to solve the problems for users on the same day

with the full assistance of Emerson Network energy company, the power environment system upgrading project of the information center computer room of Guangxi traffic police corps was successfully completed. With the help of Emerson energy ups and precision air conditioning equipment, the power environment system of the computer room of the information center of Guangxi traffic police corps has taken on a new look. It has changed the disadvantages of insufficient single circuit power security, numerous equipment maintenance difficulties, cumbersome management and weak refrigeration capacity. At present, the system has been running for several months, and its state is very stable

talking about the feeling of cooperation with Emerson energy, Mr. jiangdonghui, deputy director of science and Technology Research Institute of Guangxi traffic police corps, said that in the process of important project construction, while ensuring product quality, the comprehensive strength of equipment suppliers is also very important. He said: "The comprehensive quality of products is outstanding, which can ensure the efficient and stable operation of the system. The strong strength of manufacturers and perfect service system can continue the benefits of product quality to customers for a long time. Therefore, in a strategic sense, we are not choosing a product, but a partner who can provide high-quality products and comprehensive services for a long time. Emerson energy is determined by our repeated screening The fixed cooperation means that the prefabrication manufacturer first weaves carbon fiber into a blade shape. At the beginning of model selection, we visited many customers of Emerson energy, including many large enterprises such as the ASEAN Conference Management Committee and Chinatelecom. Their initial reply to me was the same as our current feeling, that is, "Emerson energy is the most trusted partner."

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