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Edward monser, chief operating officer of Emerson, visited Rosemount in the Far East. On the afternoon of October 16, Edward monser, chief operating officer of Emerson, and a delegation of six people came to Rosemount in the Far East to inspect the work, and had work exchanges with Ma Shihua, chairman of Beijing Instrument Holding Co., Ltd., shihongmin, chairman of Far East Instrument Co., Ltd., and Cui Jian, general manager

at the exchange meeting and even more updated media, Mr. Cui introduced the development of Far East Instruments Co., Ltd. in the past 10 years, the sales of RMT business unit this year, and the plan of RMT business unit to complete 30m sales in 2006, which can be used as a reference for users. Taking into account the sales revenue, he realized the "space plan" of light, comfortable and partially intelligent, and said that he would continue to follow up and integrate the development strategy of Rosemount. Ma Shihua, chairman of the holding company, proposed to further cooperate with Emerson in environmental protection and other fields. President Edward monser is very interested in the further cooperation between Jingyi holdings and Emerson, and hopes to arrange a special time for communication

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