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Emerson introduces advanced industrial wireless network solutions

industrial network solutions combine Emerson's expertise in industrial automation and application with Cisco's innovation in network configuration, network security and it infrastructure that should be replaced

recently, Emerson and Cisco cooperated to launch a new generation of industrial wireless network solutions, which fundamentally changed the way data management, To better improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of the factory is your reliable helper. The Emerson wireless 1410s switch combines the latest wireless technology and advanced WirelessHART sensor technology with Cisco catalyst iw6300 Heavy Duty series access points to provide reliable and safe data transmission even under harsh working conditions

the new generation of wireless access points integrates one kind of structural response spectrum s-switch specified by Emerson wireless 1410 ③ and Cisco catalyst iw6300 Heavy Duty series access points, realizing the rapid development of industrial plus downstream traction, traction and winding device IOT connection in a single solution

in order to help customers realize their digital transformation strategy, this industrial network solution perfectly combines Emerson's expertise in industrial automation and application with Cisco's innovation in network configuration, network security and it infrastructure, so as to continuously improve organizational collaboration and improve decision-making ability. Driven by the need to improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and improve worker safety, and industrial manufacturers to increase investment in the combination of IOT sensor networks and scalable operational analysis tools, network performance and security are critical to the success of the transformation

Liz Centoni, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco IOT, said: easy and scalable secure connection is the basis for every successful deployment of IOT. With powerful networking capabilities, Cisco provides a secure automation infrastructure to help it and operations teams reduce complexity and improve security

new generation wireless access points provide enhanced Wi Fi bandwidth for real-time and security monitoring, including Emerson personnel positioning system and wireless video. These applications improve personnel safety, improve plant safety, and ensure emissions compliance. The reliable and fast connection between equipment and personnel can provide real-time analysis to simplify decision-making, and can also gather mobile employees to work together to quickly solve key problems

Bob karschnia, vice president of wireless business of Emerson, said: it will take several years or even decades for the equipment to be put into production in the factory. To ensure that new wireless access points can withstand future tests and adapt to the rapidly developing technology pattern, long life cycle equipment life is a crucial design and engineering requirement

the industrial environment is very challenging and dangerous. It needs a scalable, flexible and flexible Wi Fi solution that can withstand extreme conditions in remote areas and ensure the safety of on-site workers. New wireless access points support mobile applications that immediately access process control data, maintain information, and operational processes, thereby improving efficiency and worker security

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