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Autumn is the most suitable season for decoration. Because the climate is dry, wood panels are not easy to regain moisture, but at the same time, dry weather will also bring a lot of trouble to decoration. Wuhan home decoration network reminds that in autumn, woodwork decoration should "prevent dehydration" and "prevent fire"

the background wall decorative panel is made of wood to prevent "dehydration". Usually, you can choose to directly put the floor on the wall and decorate with wooden decorative panels. The wall on the floor is a common decorative technique, and the effect of wooden decorative panels is more abundant. There are many finished decorative panels on the market. The most important thing about the design of the background wall is to match the overall style of the home, and it is related to the width of the whole living room, the location of the sofa and lights, etc. it is best to ask professionals to match it, or first look at the actual effect of the renderings, and then make a decision. The ceiling is made of fire-retardant materials, and electrical pipelines such as lighting are usually laid in the ceiling, so the use of wooden ceiling should avoid the risk of fire. The wooden structure of the ceiling must be painted with fireproof paint, and it is best to use high-quality wood that has been treated for corrosion and moisture resistance. When the wooden ceiling is about to be completed, there is usually a plate sealing work on the surface. At this time, a 3mm-5mm pointing or spacing should be reserved between the plates for expansion joints and paint filling treatment. The installation of wooden floors after the completion of floor decoration is a highly technical project, which is not suitable for parallel operation with other projects. Take a house of 100 square meters as an example, it usually takes a week to complete the construction task of the whole room. Among them, the installation of wood keel and moisture-proof treatment of base course are two days, the installation of rough board and floor is two days, the floor surface is planed and polished for one day, and the floor paint is applied for two days. In the actual paving process, the large size of the floor saves labor than the small size, and the drying time of the floor paint will vary due to the construction method and material variety. Don't hide the hinges in the interior door. As a part of the overall environment of the home, the matching of its appearance and overall style is also a very important reference factor in autumn woodwork decoration. Some consumers who pursue fashion will choose brightly colored interior doors, but living in bright and eye-catching colors for a long time will cause visual fatigue and be harmful to health





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