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Nowadays, more and more consumers tend to adopt open design in their kitchens. Recently, the reporter learned in the interview that the Kuba integrated stove adopts the side suction and lower row smoking method. This kind of lampblack removal effect is significantly better than the traditional top suction range hood, and the smoking rate is greater than 99%, which is more suitable for the open kitchen design. At the same time, the Kuba integrated stove uses the principle of micro aerodynamics to suck and exhaust at a close distance, so that the whole kitchen can not smell a trace of oil smoke, which completely solves the problem of oil smoke pollution in the kitchen

not only that, Kuba integrated stove also integrates the new concept of the integrated design of modern Kitchenware and household appliances, creating an intelligent integrated stove, which integrates disinfection cabinets, gas stoves, range hoods and lockers, and integrates multi-function and humanized intelligent control. Compared with the larger traditional kitchen and bathroom appliances, Kuba integrated stove pursues excellence in function, Bring consumers a beautiful modern family kitchen. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of Kuba integrated technology, the product price also tends to be popular, which allows consumers to easily have Kuba integrated stoves with high cost performance

as an advocate of intelligent integrated modular kitchen, Kuba's new series of integrated stoves has an avant-garde integrated modular design system, integrating smoke stoves and smoke elimination, and making every effort to build an open kitchen, making the kitchen space more spacious and bright, and no matter how small the kitchen can become a big space. Kuba integrated stove has created the original oil smoke absorption technology, and made every effort to create a smoke-free kitchen space. Cooking has no trouble with oil smoke, so that the whole summer is full of laughter. Many people are fed up with traditional kitchen design and can't experience the pleasure of cooking in a mediocre space. All series of Kuba integrated stoves are matched with various styles of kitchen space design, which makes the kitchen conform to European and American fashion and Chinese traditional aesthetic concepts, brings the ultimate aesthetic experience to the family kitchen, makes the kitchen refreshing and cool in summer





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