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Ouzhe is about to appear at the 21st China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo with 2019 major new product series. Welcome all friends to come to the exhibition and feel the charm of ouzhe products

a bunch of flowers,

will tell you with its color and smell,

it is very charming

a porcelain relic,

will tell you its past with its charm and delicacy

a movie,

will tell you with the actor's acting skills and plot,

it's wonderful

every attractive existence,

has its own unique "language",

just as the saying goes - good products can speak by themselves

ouzhe products also have this unique attribute

the simple and generous appearance tells you that it has classic design aesthetics and is versatile and timeless

luxurious and elegant European style

elegant and solemn Chinese style

colorful Southeast Asian style

American style, Japanese style, etc., ouzhe door and window products can match it

in addition to classic and versatile products, the performance of ouzhe products is also very brilliant. Since the establishment of the brand, ouzhe doors and windows has been deeply engaged in system doors and windows, and it is ouzhe's growth mission to realize "safety and energy saving of doors and windows in global high-end building systems". Ouzhe strictly checks every process from design to production, and strives to make the best of its products

wind pressure resistance - ouzhe door and window products adopt multi cavity large cross-section structure design, the wall thickness of the frame profile can reach 3.0mm, the corner adopts 45o group corner glue injection process, and the intermediate work connection adopts T-connection process, so as to ensure that the frame can easily withstand typhoons above grade 10

anti theft performance - all ouzhe products are imported hardware brands with original packaging. After strict debugging and testing, they are mainly invested in the lock system, and the anti-theft performance can reach RC3 level

thermal insulation - ouzhe doors and windows are made of high-quality thermal insulation bridge breaking aluminum profiles, with high thermal insulation performance and sealing performance. In summer, it can reduce the impact of outdoor high temperature on the interior. In winter, it can prevent the loss of indoor heating. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, which can effectively reduce energy consumption, save energy and protect the environment

Watertightness - in order to ensure the sealing performance, ouzhe designed an ultra narrow weather seal. Multiple sealant strips are soft and hard, which brings excellent sealing effect and remains watertight under the impact of heavy rain

the point is that these performance advantages are not hidden

even if you are not an industry person,

through vision, touch and hearing,

you can also feel the advanced sense of extreme quality

therefore, you will see:

the only high-performance narrow frame sliding door in the market

-- free boundary series

you will also see the new sunshine house products that have been upgraded,

beautiful and atmospheric

in addition, there are Designer Series concept new products jointly designed with Shao Weiyan, a famous Asian design genius,

for the first time

whether in terms of function or appearance design,

breaks the existing boundaries of doors and windows,

perfectly reflects the booth theme of "new species of architectural aesthetics,

leading the new era of doors and windows"

ouzhe's products still have many bright spots,

hearing is not as good as seeing

ouzhe will bring 2019 major new product series,

to the 21st China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo,

welcome all friends to the exhibition,

feel the charm of ouzhe products

in addition to the whole series of new products in 2019,

ouzhe also prepared big business policies such as joining big gift bags, which can be obtained by successfully signing and joining during the exhibition

from July 8 to 11, 2019, Pazhou Exhibition Hall of Guangzhou Canton Fair, booth 16.2-08, ouzhe doors and windows are waiting for you





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