Tips for acceptance of decoration works

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“ Concealed works refer to the pipeline works and structural works concealed inside the decorative surface in family decoration, including electrical circuits, water supply and drainage, gas pipelines, internal structures used to fix and support the weight of decorations, etc& ldquo; The reason why concealed works are easy to go wrong is that they are mixed with many human factors, that is, nonstandard decoration teams and decoration companies are greedy for temporary profits in “ Do tricks on concealed works, “ Short weight, “ Shoddy, etc

it is very important to choose materials. Qualified products with manufacturer name, brand, specification and model should be selected for drainage pipes. The water supply pipe adopts threaded connection, and there should be exposed threads at its connection. After installation, it should be fixed with pipe clamps in time. The connection between pipes and pipe fittings or valves should be firm without any looseness. After the pipeline is installed, it should be checked with water, and the method of visual inspection and hand feeling should be used to check whether there is leakage. Check whether all taps and valves are installed smoothly, whether they can be opened flexibly, whether the water outlet is unblocked, and whether there is leakage

check whether the water meter operates normally

reminder: for some special cases, be particularly careful to avoid future problems. For example, the pipeline is very long, connecting the kitchen and bathroom, or leading to the balcony, and the pipeline should pass through the living room or room. Since the pipeline is either buried in the wall or laid under the floor, once there is a problem, the consequences are very serious, so there should be no joint in the middle. And appropriately enlarge the pipe diameter to avoid blockage. Galvanized iron pipes shall not be used for hot water pipes to prevent corrosion and scale of water pipes, and heat insulation measures shall be taken

do a good job of maintenance

in the decoration of family houses, the best way to avoid the leakage of water supply and drainage pipes is to strictly follow the process requirements to ensure the quality of the project. In addition, household drainage pipes should have the awareness of regular maintenance. For the cleaning of household drainage pipes, we should master the correct methods, adhere to prevention first, and do a good job in the daily maintenance of drainage pipes

method: professional pipe curing agent can be used to regularly clean, disinfect and sterilize the sewer pipes, so as to keep the sewer pipes unobstructed and prevent the pipes from becoming a hotbed for bacterial reproduction. When cleaning the pipeline, professional pipeline maintenance products should be used to achieve the effect of sterilization, odor removal, cleaning and anti blocking. When choosing maintenance products and dredging products, we should pay attention to the safety of products, and try to choose products with high sterilization rate and tested by professional authoritative institutions




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