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In the problem of home decoration and environmental protection, many owners are prone to misunderstandings, thinking that formaldehyde is all that threatens the family's green environmental protection. As long as formaldehyde is eliminated, the family will be safe and can safely move in. Most of the products aimed at air pollution control in the market are also marked with the words of formaldehyde removal, formaldehyde purification, clean taste, etc., which are so-called professional formaldehyde removal products. Some materials such as coatings even directly indicate that they are formaldehyde free environmental protection products

experts solemnly remind consumers that building a green and environmentally friendly home needs to start from all aspects. In addition to formaldehyde, there are harmful gases released from home decoration materials such as benzene and ammonia, and formaldehyde is only the key! Moreover, according to the investigation report of relevant environmental protection units, many advertisements of formaldehyde free paint products are suspected of exaggerating publicity and misleading consumers. Using environmental friendly paint is not equivalent to entering the safe, and even many paints under the banner of green environmental protection are likely to use some inferior chemical synthetic substances, which may regenerate other pollution

first, formaldehyde is not all that endangers household environmental protection

experts say that the air pollution of decoration is caused by the superposition of many factors. Decoration pollution includes not only formaldehyde, but also harmful substances such as benzene, TVOC, ammonia, etc. formaldehyde can be removed by separate anti formaldehyde coatings and odor purification products, but other harmful substances still exist, and the effect is still limited

since indoor air pollution is often caused by the superposition of various pollutants, mandatory third-party indoor air pollution detection will be carried out seven days after the completion of the decoration project. Even if the detection results basically meet the national standards, the superposition of indoor air pollution will often exceed the standard after the placement of new furniture and other decorative goods. Practice has proved that even if individual products meet the restrictive standards set by the state, and the number of decoration materials is accumulated to a certain extent, indoor air pollution will also exceed the standard

second, there are many gimmicks about Jingwei products

experts say that many paint products in the decoration market claim to be Jingwei at present. In fact, there are two main technologies involved: one is to cover the original pungent taste of lotion with the smell of essence, which can be described as pseudo clean taste technology. Although essence can cover the smell, it does not mean that there are no organic volatiles and other substances in the air. Therefore, just after the decoration, we must ensure that the indoor ventilation time is sufficient, otherwise the hidden smell will unknowingly become a health killer

there is also a coating product with lotion technology, which basically eliminates the pungent smell in the coating and removes formaldehyde and organic compounds. This kind of coating is the real pollution-free coating. Only a few high-end environmental protection technology coating enterprises can produce it, and its price is also relatively expensive. A barrel of 5-liter coating needs hundreds of yuan. When using this pollution-free coating product, we should also pay attention to the operation methods such as opening windows and ventilation, otherwise it will also cause harm to human body

the indoor environment expert of Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association said that at present, there are many gimmicks of many pure flavor products in the market, some of which just reduce the release rate of harmful substances, which will lead to a longer release period than ordinary ones, and even extend the release period of harmful substances for more than half a year

third, home decoration needs full environmental protection

from the purchase of home decoration materials to the purchase of air pollution purification products, only when all the truly qualified products are selected can we achieve comprehensive environmental protection. Some people think that harmful gases come entirely from paint. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. In addition to paint, other decoration materials will also emit harmful substances that pollute the air. The single use of environmental protection paint is too one-sided. Workers should adopt environmental protection construction technology during construction, and carry out air purification measures such as air detection after the completion of decoration. If pollution is found, they should choose long-term air pollution purification products. Chemical coating, adsorption products, odor masking and so on are only palliative measures, which can not really effectively solve the problem of indoor air pollution




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