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Zhejiang Cohen Jiangxi Yichun dealer team visited the company headquarters

[hc360.com] on April 23, 2016, Jiangxi Yichun dealer team visited the Shengzhou headquarters of Zhejiang Cohen electrical appliances. Through on-the-spot investigation, we have an in-depth understanding of the excellent corporate culture and software and hardware strength of Cohen appliance, and through centralized training, we have improved our confidence in Cohen brand, laying a solid foundation for the next market sales. Our reporter was invited to accompany the visit and interviewed Yichun dealer general manager Xu

[reporter]: Hello, president Xu, it's a great honor to interview you. I'd like to know why you chose to operate Cohen appliances as an agent at that time? What factors are mainly considered

[President Xu]: I have always been very interested in the operation of kitchen appliances, but it is really difficult to choose from so many brands. By chance, I got to know manager Xiao of Cohen appliance, so I also had an indissoluble bond with Cohen appliance. In the national kitchen utensils market, Shengzhou kitchen utensils brand, due to the rapid development in recent years, has unlimited potential in both product quality and brand influence. Zhejiang Cohen kitchen electrical products are good in manufacturing technology, smoking effect, energy efficiency and other aspects. They are very cost-effective, which can make consumers feel at ease and meet their consumption needs. This is the reason why I choose Cohen

[reporter]: what is the current business situation of Cohen appliances in Yichun? Briefly introduce the current distribution situation in Yichun Area

[President Xu]: since acting as the agent of Cohen appliance, I have been unswervingly developing with the headquarters of Cohen appliance. I always firmly believe that Cohen appliance will succeed in Yichun market! At present, our distributors are all over Yichun City and county, which fully shows that the development space of Cohen appliance in Yichun market is still very large. The brand positioning of Cohen appliance is in line with the mass consumers in Yichun. The excellent quality and perfect after-sales service of its own products, as well as the support of the headquarters for us, make Cohen appliance have a certain popularity in Yichun market

[reporter]: so, what's the biggest change in Cohen when I go back to headquarters this time? What did you gain

[President Xu]: in fact, I don't need to say that the biggest change is obvious to all. We are shocked by the large modern factory, high-tech production lines, testing centers, life laboratories, national R & D centers and so on. In fact, what moved me most was the feeling of family. It rained heavily on the day of the visit. Manager Xiao and other regional managers took good care of us. I was very moved. I really felt that I was going back to my mother's house. After a product training, we also have more firm confidence in the company's prospects, and look forward to returning to the market to bring a new round of wealth creation

[reporter]: what are your expectations and suggestions for Cohen appliance headquarters

[President Xu]: Cohen's headquarters has always been very supportive of our Yichun distribution team. Manager Xiao will also visit us regularly to investigate the market, discuss the market, communicate with each other, accept our opinions and suggestions with an open mind, and can effectively improve. We have only one requirement for Cohen headquarters. As always, we will control the quality of products, develop more product styles that meet the needs of consumers, so that every consumer can enjoy our excellent products. Let's do a good job, expand and strengthen the brand of Cohen appliances together

[reporter]: Thank you, president Xu. Thank you very much for accepting our interview

I also wish Cohen appliances and its dealers to create new miracles and achieve brilliant goals





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