Small house decoration is very feminine

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In recent years, small house decoration has been more and more loved by many people. How to make small house decoration more feminine is also the pursuit of many mm. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network saw a super feminine small house decoration at the Wuhan Decoration Forum. The minimalist style shows the charm of women everywhere. Minimalist style home decoration design has been popular for a long time. It overemphasizes the sense of space in the home, and the overall neat and concise lines appear relatively cold. However, the simple style is indeed suitable for small families. Therefore, the designer of this small family uses gorgeous pop elements to fill in the insufficient design of the simple style and add a sense of vitality to the home

various graffiti style decorative paintings on the wall attracted our attention at the first time, leaving a deep impression on the whole living room space. The leather sofa with clear texture, coupled with these pop style ornaments, broke the tension and seriousness of the living room and added a jumping atmosphere to the whole room

the bright orange leather sofa is full of vitality in the living room with the primary color tone, and the appropriate decoration makes the overall visual hierarchy of the room more distinct. The use of large-scale color blocks, together with furniture with simple lines, creates a warm and humorous visual impression. The colors in the room are unified, which makes it more harmonious and tasteful




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